As 2021 approaches, business owners around the country are starting to put together their marketing strategies together. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when devising a marketing strategy for the New Year is ignoring the power of local search. Approximately 50% of Google searches are performed by people who are looking for information about businesses in their local area. 

Your main goal in the New Year should be helping people in your local area find your business. Accomplishing this goal will require lots of hard work and the use of local marketing strategies. Here are some local marketing strategies you need to use in 2021. 

Use Location Targeting in Your Google Ads

Paid advertising is a great way to attract high-value leads. The only way to have success with paid marketing platforms like Google Ads is by using location targeting in your ads. With this tool, you are able to concentrate your paid search efforts on people in and around your local area. Using things like geo-specific keywords is also important when trying to ensure people in your area see the paid ads you offer. 

You also need to optimize your placement considerations in your Google Ads Display Network dashboard. In this dashboard, you can choose the type of websites you want your paid ads to appear on. Ideally, you need to choose websites that cater to people in your local area. Are you confused about how to optimize your Google Ads for local marketing success? If so, the professionals at Small Business SEO can help you out. 

Create Custom Landing Pages

Driving traffic to your website should be one of the main goals you have when investing in paid advertising or social media paid ads. Business owners spend lots of time optimizing their paid ads to make them more engaging. However, many entrepreneurs fail to invest time and money in optimizing their website to ensure the people who visit it get a clear understanding of what their business does. 

Creating customized landing pages that are designed to appeal to local consumers is a great idea. These pages will need to feature specific information about a particular product/service your company offers. You also need to include a clear call to action in your landing page design. With a well-written call to action, you can turn website visitors in your local area into actual customers.

Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Providing interested local consumers with information about your business is important when trying to convert them into actual customers. Completing your Google My Business profile is a great way to provide this information in an easy to understand way. With this listing, you can provide information about where your business is located and what your hours of operation are. People can also leave online reviews on this listing, which is a great way to show potential customers how trustworthy your business is. 

We Can Help You Dominate Local Search

Do you need help attracting local consumers online? If so, contact Small Business SEO to find out about the marketing services we provide.