Providing your audience with more ways to interact and engage with your brand should be a main priority of any digital marketing strategy. If you want to achieve this goal, you need how social media marketing and small business SEO go hand in hand. Creating more opportunities for consumers to promote and share content about your company’s products/services is what social media integration is all about.

In short, social media integration is the process of using your social media accounts as an extension of your existing marketing strategy. A successful integration campaign allows you to direct your social audience to your website. A sound social media integration strategy also makes it easy for consumers to access your social media accounts from your website.

If you want to use social media integration to improve small business SEO, follow the helpful tips below.

Blogs Posts Need Social Sharing Links

The cornerstone of a good small business SEO campaign is well-written blog content. You will quickly learn the importance of social sharing links if you are working with a marketing professional who has experience with SEO for small businesses. Consumers who find your blog content entertaining or informative will want to share it with their followers.

If you are adamant about social media integration, placing share links at the top and bottom of your blog posts is crucial. Studies show that consumers use social share buttons five times more than email forwarding. This statistic alone should be all the motivation you need to include social sharing buttons in your blogs.

Adding Social Posts To Your Website Can Improve Small Business SEO

Generating an array of great content is a great way to keep consumers interested in what your business is up to. Instead of relying solely on blog content to get your message to the masses, you need to also post on platforms like Instagram and Facebook daily. Rather than keeping the content on your social media accounts and your website divided, you need to merge them.

The best way to do this is by adding social posts to your website. There are many plugins that allow you to include a live feed of your social media pages on your website. Using a branded hashtag is a great way to get a wellspring of user-generated content that is complementary to your brand.

Use Email Blasts To Advertise Your Social Media Accounts

If your business is relatively new to the world of social media, then finding a way to grow the number of followers you have is important. The average consumer likes receiving emails from companies they do business with. Sending out email blasts designed to promote your new social media accounts is a wise idea. Offering incentives like discounts on products/services for follows is an effective way to motivate email recipients.

Proper social media integration can improve your online presence and the results your small business SEO campaigns generate.