Any successful marketer is aware that the difference between weak and strong marketing is related to how people behave and why they take certain actions. 

It is important to note that quality marketing does not happen accidentally. 

There is some good news. Human behavior falls into certain, set predictable actions. These actions have been defined and explained by specific, established principles. 

Taking time to understand marketing psychology can provide you with a competitive advantage. When you optimize your marketing strategies and your tactics to proactively and intentionally influence people’s decisions and behaviors, you can gain more visibility in the business world. Here are a few powerful principles related to human behavior that you can implement to supercharge your marketing efforts. 


This is a process where you present someone with an image, word, or sentence that prepares them to be more willing to receive a certain point of view. When priming is used properly, it can influence someone’s thoughts and actions. 

You can use subtle techniques to encourage people to remember important information about your services or products and about your brand in general. You can also influence buying behavior. It is possible to prime a customer to say “yes.” This type of priming is sometimes referred to “foot-in-the-door” method. With this method, you prime your customers with smaller asks, like signing up for something, which prepares them to be more receptive to bigger tasks. 

You can ask people to share on social media, attend a free webinar, read a blog post, or download something before purchasing anything. 


People will feel an obligation to do something for you if you do something for them. This is referred to as the principle of reciprocity. For example, if someone buys you a gift, you are more likely to buy them one. Also, the free samples you receive at a store can serve as motivation for your future buying decisions. 

It’s important to note that reciprocity, when used properly, can be extremely powerful. It can help you to achieve more success and see significant business growth. While giving someone something may seem counter-intuitive, you may earn more profits when you offer a service or gift with no expectations. 

Social Proof

This is a social and psychological phenomenon where people can’t determine the right behavior, and because of this, they assume the people around them know more about the current situation. Because of this, they will begin to act like the others. 

Put simply, you want to know what others are experiencing, wearing, buying, and watching – all this will impact your decisions, and there is a chance you will do the same thing. 

When you understand marketing psychology, you can use it to your benefit. In the long run, these efforts will help you achieve your sales goals and help you grow your business. Being informed is the best way to ensure your marketing efforts get the desired traction and that they help your business rather than hurting it.