The typical small business owner spends over $490 a month on search engine optimization services. For most business owners, investing money in this optimization is something they view as a priority. Having your website optimized for search engine success can help you land more leads and increase the flow of traffic to your domain. 

Some business owners think that search engine optimization is a complicated and time-consuming process. While this is true in some respect, there are small SEO wins, you can take advantage of relatively quickly. Here are some quick SEO wins that can help you increase the visibility and popularity your business website has. 

Find and Fix Your 404 Error Pages

As a business owner, you need to focus on creating a website that is both informative and reliable. The older your business website gets, the higher the risk will become of things like broken links or pages surfacing. It is your responsibility to both check the links and pages on your website and fix them when problems arise. If your website is filled with 404 error pages, you will run off potential customers. 

Tons of these error messages can also do damage to your rank on popular search engines like Google. Luckily, there are tons of tools that allow you to monitor your website for these errors in real-time. Tools like Screaming Frog allow you to crawl your website regularly and get alerts when broken links or pages are found. The money spent on these tools will be worth it, considering the useful information they can provide. 

Make the Content on Your Website Better

You also need to get in the habit of reviewing past blog posts and improving them when possible. Reading over this content and fixing in spelling or grammatical errors can help to improve the readability of this content. Developing an internal and external linking strategy is also a wise move. Linking to other content on your website can help you keep visitors on your domain longer. These links also provide the reader with more context. 

Creating outbound links to popular websites is also a great way to move up the search engine ladder. Asking for reciprocal links from these websites is also crucial when trying to improve your domain authority score. 

Focus Improve Website Speed 

If certain pages on your website load slowly, it can affect your overall search engine ranking. Slow loading speeds will also frustrate consumers and make them leave your website before they find out about your products/services. Tracking down the source of these page loading problems and fixing them can give you a much-needed search engine boost. 

If you are having a hard time pinpointing why your website is loading slowly, then working with web development professionals is probably a good idea. Usually, these professionals can diagnose and fix these issues quickly. 

It’s Time to Improve Your Website

If you are tired of your website getting low traffic, it is time to make a change. Contact Small Business SEO to find out more about the services we offer.