Approximately 90% of all online searches are processed by Google. Making your business website a success will require you to get in Google’s good graces. Getting in good with Google requires the use of sound search engine optimization tactics. Google has a very complex algorithm they use to scan and rank websites. 

If you are unsure about what Google bots look for when crawling a website, working with an SEO professional is imperative. These professionals will know how to audit your website and fix any problems that may exist. Here are some ways you can make Google love your business website. 

1. Keep Your Website Fast and Reliable

The average consumer will give a website around eight seconds to load before they abandon it. Not only is a fast loading website important when trying to engage with consumers, it is also imperative when trying to move to the top of search engine results pages. The longer your website takes to load, the lower Google will place your domain on their results pages. 

Testing your website on a regular basis is the best way to discover loading issues early on. Diagnosing the cause of slow load speeds is complicated. Instead of trying and failing to fix these problems on your own, consult with web development experts. With their help, you can significantly speed up your website. 

2. Your Website Has To Be Mobile-Friendly

An overwhelming number of consumers use their phones and mobile devices to perform online searches. In the past few years, Google has started to put a higher priority on ensuring the websites they put in the top spots on results pages are optimized for mobile users. If your website is not responsive, it will cost you in the long run. 

This is why fixing this problem quickly is so important. If mobile users are unable to read the text on your website or have to resize each page to fit their devices, they will probably get frustrated and leave. With minimal investment, you can make your domain responsive. 

3. Top-Notch Content is a Must

Another way to ensure Google loves your business website is by posting top-notch content. This content will need to feature things like relevant keywords, inbound/outbound links and tons of originality. Each time you post a new blog, Google will receive a ping. Eventually, this new content will be crawled and indexed. This will help you improve your search engine rank over time. 

When devising new topics for the blogs on your business website, be sure to keep them industry-specific. Consumers want the business websites they visit to provide information and value, not blogs about every subject under the sun. Allowing marketing professionals to help you create new blog content is crucial when trying to drive more organic traffic to your website. 

Are You Ready to Get Started?

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