Search engine optimization is extremely important for content marketers. However, the rules for what qualifies as good content are constantly changing. When you create a system and implement it, Google changes the algorithm, and you fall in the rankings.

Today, semantic search has improved significantly. However, there are some downsides, too. For example, you don’t have to worry about keyword stuffing issues to hit all the search term’s verb tense variations. While this is true, you must also create niche content to attract the long-tail search queries that the search engine now understands.

Creating better content around your keywords to attract people who are making specific searches is possible. Use the tools and information found here to create quality content around your most important keywords to help increase your search rankings.

Google Suggest

Google’s auto-suggest function is in the toolbar, and it’s not just to benefit people searching for something. It is also a great way for marketers to see what people are looking for when they type in some or all your targeted keywords. You can use the power of suggestion by using a keyword tool online. With this, you can type in your keyword and get a list of other keywords related to the original phrase you used. After you have found some interesting ideas, create blog posts that are focused on that search term to generate more leads.

Answer the Public

If you are looking for a quality tool to help you find out what people are asking when searching for something online, consider using Answer the Public. This is an easy way to ideate your content – you can devote an entire blog post or article to answering the questions you discover with as much detail as possible. Make sure you change the default country when using the tool, as it is based in the U.K. but can work for any location.


This social media site crowdsources answers to difficult questions about everything from nuclear waste to nuts. You can use the site to browse some of the top questions people ask, or you can search through your keywords to find related questions. Keep in mind, though, that Quora does not offer the most organized or systematic way to find keyword topics, but you can use it to find experts or guest contributors to help you create valuable content.

If you find yourself in a creative slump, you can use these tools to help create new content based on your keywords in ways that you never thought about before. You will be able to avoid repetition and hit more of the long-tail search terms that are more effective at improving your internet presence.

If necessary, reach out to the professionals for help and information about creating quality content to help you get the desired results. Being informed and knowing what tools are available will help you with this goal and ensure your content reaches the right people and encourages conversions.