One of the main goals most business owners have is keeping their employees and customers engaged. Accomplishing this goal allows a business owner to improve loyalty and retention levels. If you want to provide your employees or customers with a reminder of what you do for them, then hosting an event is a good idea. 

The events industry in the United States generates over $2.9 billion annually. Finding the right venue and booking keynote speakers is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hosting a successful event. If you want your upcoming event to be a success, you need to learn more about event marketing. 

What Is Event Marketing?

Promoting a service, product or brand is easy when hosting an event. Once you have planned an event, you need to promote it to the people you want to attend. Event marketing is the process of informing your target audience of an upcoming event and encouraging them to attend. Before you start developing an event marketing plan, you need to assess what your goals are. 

One of the most common event marketing goals is increasing the number of people that attend your event. After you have established a list of goals for your upcoming event, you can begin to lay out a plan about how to accomplish them. 

Event Marketing Strategies You Should Try

The type of marketing methods you use to promote an upcoming gathering will depend on the type of event you are hosting. There are a few basic types of events that usually need to be marketed to a company’s audience. These events include things like:

  • Launching a product
  • VIP events
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Leadership events

If you want to adequately market your upcoming event, then you should consider using some of the following strategies. 

Customized Landing Pages

Most businesses work extremely hard to cultivate an online presence for their brands. Having a professionally designed website is important when trying to attract attention from consumers. Designing specialized landing pages for your event on your website is a great way to enhance awareness. 

These landing pages should feature information about the event, the activities that attendees will be offered and contact forms where people can reserve a spot. Advertising links to this landing page on your social media accounts is crucial when trying to drive traffic to them. 

Use Live Streaming to Promote Your Event

Using all of the tools at your disposal to promote an upcoming event is important. If your business is active on social media, then you need to use the live streaming video options available on some of these platforms. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook give users the option to live stream content to their audiences. Using live streaming is a great way to showcase what your event has to offer and generate a buzz about it. 

Developing a detailed event marketing strategy is the only way to ensure your upcoming gathering is properly promoted. Allowing professionals to help during the development of this event marketing plan can help you avoid mistakes.