Over 3 million businesses actively advertise their services/products on Facebook. Successful entrepreneurs realize what a valuable resource this social media platform is when trying to expand into new markets. If your business does not have a presence on Facebook, you will have a hard time growing your bottom line.

The main concern you should have when attempting to generate leads with your Facebook business page is keeping consumers engaged. Are you trying to leave your Facebook competition in the dust? If so, check out the great tips in this article.

Do More Than Just Post Links To Your Blogs

The average business owner knows very little about how to generate leads with Facebook. Many people fail to realize that the type of posts they make on their business Facebook page can make or break their social media marketing campaign. If all you do is post links to the blogs on your website, consumers will get bored in a hurry. Once a Facebook follower writes your posts off as boring, you will have a hard time keeping them interested in what your business is doing.

This is why you need to focus on using a varied mix of Facebook posts. These posts should include videos, blog posts and even polls. If you use content that is interactive, you can attract a higher number of sales leads over time. Allowing professionals to help you devise and implement new Facebook lead generation strategies is the best way to avoid making mistakes and wasting resources.

Focus On Fast Response Times

Modern business owners use tools like Facebook Messenger to stay connected to their customers. This instant messaging platform provides your Facebook followers with a way to contact you when in need of information or assistance. If a person has to wait a long time for a response to their instant message query, they may form a bad impression of your business. Rather than losing business, you need to focus on providing fast response times to the people who choose to communicate with Facebook Messenger.

Each time you receive an alert of a new message, you need to view this as a qualified sales lead. Responding quickly to this message allows you to address the concerns a consumer has and provide them with more information about your products/services. When used correctly, Facebook Messenger can provide you with tons of high-value sales leads.

Engage With Your Followers

Another important thing you need to focus on when trying to generate leads with your Facebook page is keeping your followers engaged. When you make posts, be sure to monitor the comments left by your followers. In some instances, these comments will be requests for information about what your business does. By replying to these comments, you can show your Facebook followers that you are interested in what they have to say.

Put These Tips To Work

Do you need some help managing your Facebook lead generation campaigns? If so, contact Small Business SEO to find out about the marketing services we provide.