An effective content marketing strategy will help a business improve brand awareness and its ability to generate new sales leads. When developing this strategy, defining a content marketing funnel is important. The various elements of this funnel should represent the different stages of the buyer’s journey. 

Nearly 80% of consumers prefer finding out about the products/services offered by a business via customized digital content. Properly organizing your digital assets with the help of a content ecosystem is crucial to the overall success of your marketing campaigns. Here is more information about what a content ecosystem is and the elements it needs to thrive. 

The Definition of Content Ecosystem

Organizing your content into a network of assets is known as a content ecosystem model. The main goal of this model is to build marketing momentum and scale content designed to support various parts of the purchasing journey. The lack of organization is to blame for wasteful marketing spending and lead generation failures. 

Rather than spending money on content marketing campaigns that don’t produce results, you need to realize the importance of developing a content ecosystem. With a content ecosystem in place, you can unify the content creation process to accomplish a number of marketing goals. 

Key Components of a Successful Content Ecosystem

On average, successful content ecosystems feature five different content streams. The goal of each of these streams is to support a marketing strategy and generate sales leads. 

The Customer Content Stream

Some business owners think that the marketing phase should end after a consumer makes a purchase. In reality, you need to continue to market your products/services to existing customers. Customer content is videos, emails and blogs posts designed to engage with existing customers. This type of customer-centric content helps to support efforts to grow your customer base and improves your brand reputation. 

The Foundational Content Stream

Clearly defining what your company does, the offers you have in place and what sets you apart from the competition is important. Using foundational content is the best way to layout this vital information for consumers in an easy-to-digest way. The people that consume this foundational content will have little to no idea about what your business does. This is why you need to work on developing content that is easy to understand and engaging. 

The Search Content Stream

If you want modern consumers to find your website, then you need to realize the importance of search content. This type of content is designed to drive organic traffic to your website. Generally, search content will be optimized with popular keywords, inbound/outbound links and scannable page structures. 

The Product Content Stream

Crafting product content allows a business to cover the services and solutions offered by a business. In this content, you will clearly identify the benefits offered by the products/services you offer. When developed properly, product content will help you attract attention from potential customers and entice them to make a purchase. 

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