Modern Content Marketing Techniques You Should EmbraceA recent study found that brands who prioritize content marketing are around 13 times more likely to see a positive return on their advertising investment. Not only does content marketing provide a great return, it can also help you build trust with consumers. Rather than resting in your laurels and using the same old marketing tactics, you need to embrace modern trends in the world of content marketing.

Ignoring the need to update your content marketing efforts can lead to a lot of potential sales being lost. If you are searching for information about modern content marketing techniques to use, you have come to the right place.

Interactive Content is All the Rage

As you start to develop your content marketing strategy, be sure to consider what your audience wants from the blogs, videos and web content you provide them. In most cases, a consumer wants to be both entertained and informed by the content on a business website. If you are looking for a way to take customer engagement to the next level, then using interactive content is a must. This type of content usually comes in the form of surveys and quizzes.

Websites like BuzzFeed use quizzes, contests and surveys to drive traffic to their website. Using interactive content to both inform the general public and draw attention to the products/services you provide is a good idea. Visitors to your website will hang around longer if you have lots of fun interactive content for them to engage with. Allowing professionals to help you develop and publish this interactive content is a must when trying to avoid mistakes.

Get In-Step With the Voice Search Revolution

Smart business owners are constantly looking for ways to optimize their existing online sales funnel. Successfully accomplishing this goal will require you to discover and embrace trends in the world of content marketing. Perhaps the hottest trend taking the world of content marketing by storm is voice search. Millions of people use virtual assistant programs like Apple’s Siri or the Amazon Alexa to perform voice searches.

Making sure your website content is optimized to accommodate voice search users is imperative. Getting your content in front of the voice search crowd will require the use of longtail and conversational keywords. If your knowledge of voice search is limited, hiring marketing professionals to help you devise a strategy is your best course of action.

Put Your Great Reputation on Display

Are you looking for a way to establish instant trust with visitors to your website? If so, putting the positive reviews and press your business has received on the front page of your website is crucial. By establishing a great reputation right off of the bat, you can gain the trust of visitors and turn them into actual customers. Compiling the positive reviews needed for this social proof will be easy if you and your team focus on providing excellent customer service.

Small Business SEO Can Help You Reach a Wider Audience!

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