Using social media to expose new people to your brand is important. When done correctly, Facebook lead generation campaigns can help you grow your customer base substantially. Using your presence on Facebook to push your brand and sell more products/services is harder than you think. Most business owners are on a never-ending search to find ways to drive traffic from their Facebook profiles to their website. 

The people who use Facebook are very loyal to this platform and the businesses they follow. Nearly 80% of Facebook users log in on a daily basis. Encouraging your loyal Facebook followers to visit your website is a crucial component of achieving your growth goals. Read below for some tips on how to drive more traffic to your business website with the help of Facebook.

Assess Your Approach to Posting Links On Facebook

 Modern business owners understand the value of great website content. Consumers love finding and consuming new content from the brands they are interested in using. Generating Facebook posts with links to your new content is imperative when trying to drive more traffic to your website. However, there are a few different ways you can include these links in your post. Assessing your current method of including these links is a wise move if you want to optimize Facebook posts for success. 

Simply posting a link to Facebook will not get you the engagement and increased web traffic you are looking for. You need to provide your followers with an appealing picture to catch their attention. Below your picture, post a link to your new website content and a brief description of what this content covers. Doing this can help you attract more attention with your Facebook posts, which in turn leads to higher web traffic numbers. 

Make Your Content Easier To Share on Facebook

Whether you are trying to attract online attention from business owners or consumers on Facebook, making it easy for them to share your content is crucial. If the content on your website is not equipped with easy-to-find social share buttons, people will have a hard time sharing it on their Facebook pages. 

This is why you need to install a plugin like Digg Digg to optimized the social share buttons on your website. By making these buttons appealing and easy to find, you can increase the number of Facebook shares you receive. If consumers are sharing your blogs, it will open up your business to a wider audience. 

Publish New Content On Your Website Regularly

If you are posting links to the same content on Facebook, your followers will lose interest pretty quickly. This is why you need to focus on creating new blog content on a weekly basis for your audience. Not only will this new content attract attention from Google, it will also give you a reason to create a new Facebook post. With these new posts, you can drive more traffic to your website. 

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