Facebook has set the standard when it comes to social media. Today, it offers some of the most robust advertising tools available.

By using Facebook Audience Insights, it is possible to build unique personas and use these personas to reach people based on different criteria, such as age, location, etc. If you have ever used the categories provided by Facebook advertising, you know they are vast and varied. It is possible to find categories ranging from niche to newlyweds, expats, and even things like people interested in travel nursing and ecotourism.

Even though Facebook offers amazing capabilities, up to 66% of B2bs that are running paid ad campaigns still struggle to figure out how to target business owners on this platform. If you are somewhat overwhelmed by Facebook ads, you are in the right place.

Here you can learn more about some of the best B2B advertising category options available and how you can use them to their full potential.

Targeting Business Owners with Facebook Ads

In 2019, Facebook ad spending exceeded $1.5 billion. Compared to LinkedIn, B2Bs have found that Facebook delivers much better results because it is much more personal. In 2019, more than 140 million businesses were actively using Facebook apps.

Some tips that will help you optimize how you are targeting these business owners on Facebook can be found below. With these tips, you can optimize your efforts and get the best results for your marketing dollars.

Create a Unique Persona by Combining Multiple Ad Categories

There are several audiences offered by Facebook advertising. Of all the options, you don’t have to use them one at a time. You can layer relevant categories together, such as technology, industry, and job title, to help you create unique audiences for the different buyer personas you have created.

Optimize the Business Page

It is important to ensure that your page content and branding are on-point. This is essential before you create a new, targeted campaign.

Create Specific Landing Pages

Facebook lets you build in-app landing pages to help nurture your leads. If you don’t use the landing page features offered by Facebook. You need to create a unique landing page for every campaign. This will help ensure they load faster than a specific domain and help to keep your visitors focused.

Consider the Buying Cycle Stage

You can use the information you collect to create a campaign for the specific state of the funnel a buyer is at. Be sure to design the campaign for the targeted buyer’s stage of the funnel. Doing this will help ensure your B2B advertising on Facebook is more relevant, increasing the likelihood of a conversion.

Keep Things Simple

Every paid Facebook campaign deserves to have a unique call-to-action. Having a single CTA will keep your visitors focused on the task while preventing confusion. Also, the ads will be more relevant and more likely to convert.

If you need help with creating ads on Facebook, be sure to reach out to the pros. They can help you take advantage of this huge social media platform.