In the digital marketing realm, you learn a lot just through trial and error. Through the years, I have created all types of websites, some with hundreds of pages and others with just a few. As I work with my clients today to build an SEO and digital marketing strategy, a common question I get is – will more pages on my site improve its ranking in SERPs?

Many people don’t understand that having massive numbers of pages isn’t going to make your site a “winner,” just like having just a few isn’t going to make it a “loser.” Keep reading to learn more. 

Big vs. Small Websites 

There’s no black and white answer regarding Google’s preferences for websites being big or small. While Google has a natural affinity for websites with a large amount of content, it doesn’t mean it rules alone. 

Content on large sites is often redundant and drawn out. This results in a poor user experience. This is the main reason that the exclusive focus is not on how much content you have on your website. 

Larger websites often achieve higher rankings because they have created several well-performing pages. This distributes SEO value across the entire domain if interlinking is set up properly. Google puts more trust in websites that perform well regarding user experience. This means that you can rank well even if you have a smaller website and provide a good user experience

The Main Benefits of Large Websites 

The biggest benefit of large websites is that many of the pages on them perform well. When a site has more pages, it also increases the likelihood that it will rank higher. 

The most important piece of advice to remember, no matter if you have a big or small website, is that quality content matters more than quantity. 

Quality vs. Quantity of Content 

The content you publish on your site needs to offer value to users. Once you have done this, you can leverage the quantity of the content on your site. If your website has a lot of pages, it should also offer tons of value. This is what results in higher rankings. Failure to do this will not go well for your site in SERPs

If you create low-value pages with little or thin content just to target new keywords, you aren’t going to see long-term rewards. In fact, this will eventually de-value your site’s standing as an expert in the industry if users keep bouncing off your pages. 

Creating a Valuable Site That Generates Results

When creating a valuable site that generates results, keep the tips and information in mind. I have found that if you focus on creating quality content for every page you have, you will generate better results than having hundreds of pages with low-quality content. You can also seek assistance from the pros, who will ensure you get the desired results.