Mastering one type of marketing content is challenging enough – trying to master multiple can seem impossible. 

While this may be the case initially, it is easier than you may think. 

Here you can learn more about different types of content and tips to help you master each of them. This is going to help you keep your blog interesting and varied. 

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1. Blogging

Having a business blog is a practical starting point when it comes to content marketing. It serves as a “cornerstone” and can be the hub for a written blog post and other types of content. 

Some tips to help you create amazing blog content include the following:

  • Focus on gathering questions your potential customers ask and create posts with detailed and thorough answers. 
  • Do keyword research to find phrases you can rank for in search and then use them in your copy and headlines. 
  • Write interesting headlines encouraging readers to click through and read the rest of your post. 
  • Keep things interesting by writing a mix of curated content, stories, reviews, interviews, roundups, resources, and list posts. 
  • Get new ideas for your blog by using keyword research tools, competitive analysis, your audience, and social media. 

2. Infographic 

An infographic is great for delivering data-rich, complex material. It can also be used for storytelling. Quality infographics usually earn many shares on social media, and many people republish them. Some tips for creating quality, shareable infographics include the following:

  • Use the infographic to tell a story that includes an introduction, main story, and conclusion. 
  • Keep the charts and diagrams simple and easy to understand so your point is clear. 
  • Consider the size of everything so that the details are not lost when being viewed on smaller screens. 
  • Be sure the top of the infographic is focused and uncluttered on the title since this will probably be the visual that is used to promote it. 
  • Cite all resources you use for your data points and include them at the base of the infographic to help increase how credible it is. 

3. Video

In its many styles and forms, video has been proven to help increase engagement in several ways. With the unlimited reach of smartphones, it is much easier to create and distribute video content than ever before. Some tips to help you optimize the video content you create can be found here:

  • Carefully consider your budget and choose the style based on this. You don’t have to make every video perfect. 
  • Work from a detailed outline or script, but do not be scared to deviate from your plan. 
  • Tell a story. 
  • Be sure to record quality audio. Your audience will be fine with visual blemishes but likely stop watching if the audio is messy. 
  • Be as authentic as possible. 

4. Podcast

Today, podcasts are the ultimate form of content. They are simple to create and present the possibility of forging a trusted bond with your listeners. Some of the ways to create a quality podcast include the following:

  • Create plans to host a radio-like show where your listeners can expect to hear a single format – one narrator, conversation, interview, call-in, panel, etc. 
  • Have a plan for each episode but keep things flexible and loose. 
  • For an interview program (which is the most popular kind of podcast), take time to learn what to ask and research the person you are interviewing. 
  • Consider how long your podcast will be. Usually, over an hour is too long. 
  • Distribute your podcast through iTunes and other popular networks. After that, you can showcase them on your blog or website. Be sure to publish the show notes or transcripts of the show, too. 

5. eBook

eBooks can take on several forms and create an attractive lead magnet to build your email list. A properly researched, written, and presented eBook will help foster loyalty and support the sales teams’ outreach efforts. Tips to help create quality eBooks include the following:

  • For your initial eBook, find the most common questions you can answer, and be sure to include plenty of helpful and objective advice. 
  • Create eBooks that delve deep into the subject you are creating, intending to make it the ultimate guide for your category. 
  • Plan and outline the chapters of your eBook carefully so they can be reused as an email series, blog posts, and other types of content. 
  • Put time, effort, and money (if necessary) into creating a quality cover for your eBook – it will be judged by the cover you create. 
  • Create a design and layout that is easy on the eyes with quality images and plenty of white space. 

6. Webinar

Marketers regularly rate webinars as one of their most effective content marketing tactics. These can be created to satisfy the needs of customers and prospects at each stage of the customer journey. Tips for creating quality and effective webinars include the following:

  • Get started quickly. Usually, webinars will start with just 10 minutes of nonsense. 
  • Webinars are often salesy, boring, and long. Be sure to keep yours entertaining, informative, and fast-paced. Use simple and aesthetically pleasing sides to keep your audience’s attention on your content. Do not read the slides to your audience. 
  • If your webinar is a one-way monologue, your audience will likely tune out. Try to find opportunities to feature special guests and create interactions with your audience. 
  • If you can, take steps to record, archive, and promote the webinar after it is created. Many registrants may not attend the live cast or stay for the entire thing. 

7. Guest Post Blogging

You can write a guest blog post for any publisher with an audience that aligns with your own. This is an effective way to increase the reach of your content while exposing your brand to a new audience. It also allows you to build links to your site or other media. You will likely benefit from the promotion of the site that publishes the blog you write. Some tips for creating quality guest posts include the following:

  • Get to know the publication you are trying to write for. When you know the needs of the readers of the publication, you can ensure your post will be relevant and that it will be read. You may even form new contacts from the content. 
  • Never approach an editor with a vague, self-serving, or boring idea or plea. Instead, explain exactly what you will write about and why it will be valuable to the blog site it is being published on. 
  • Make it simple for the editor to tell you “yes.” Also, be transparent. Make sure that you explain your ideas and offer links to good examples of your work. 
  • Include links to the content on your site, but be sure they are relevant. Also, do not go overboard. 
  • Do not just be a guest blogger; take steps to be a star. By this, it means creating a quality post, optimizing it for search engines, promoting it, responding to the comments, and following up with the editor where it is published. 

8. Email Newsletters

Email marketing takes on many forms. While this is true, an email newsletter is a staple type of content used in marketing today. Newsletters allow marketers to distribute news, updates, and content for nurturing leads while serving existing customers. Some tips to help create a quality and effective email newsletter include the following:

  • Create newsletters if and when you have relevant, useful, and timely news and information that you want to share. Do not risk diminishing your audience by publishing the newsletter more often. 
  • The subject line of the newsletter is important. Be sure it is compelling and brief. Test variations of the subject line, which will help increase the open rates. 
  • Think of the newsletter as a type of publication. Sometimes, you can use the newsletter to offer promotions and products, but do not do this too much. 
  • Focus on newsletter content that is abbreviated blurbs with a link to more in-depth content. If you want to create self-contained emails, be sure this expectation is set for the reader. 
  • Do not add too many calls to action or links. If you put too much in the newsletter, it will likely result in a lower response rate. 

Creating the Right Type of Content for Your Business and Audience 

When it comes to creating content for your business, you have to consider what your audience will respond to. Sometimes, this will be a process of trial and error to see what works and what does not. 

You can also rely on our Small Business SEO team to provide quality content that resonates with your audience. We offer affordable SEO for small businesses that provide the desired results, regardless of what they are. The first step is to contact us so we can learn more about your business and goals.