Consistent brand presentation across a variety of online platforms can provide a 23% boost to a company’s annual revenue. Creating an instantly recognizable and trustworthy brand is an extremely complex job. While a great logo and providing top-notch customer service can help you build a great brand, you will also have to focus on creating an online presence.

Investing in a great looking website is just the first step in creating an online presence. Optimizing your new website for maximum search engine impact is also important. Read below to find out why search engine optimization (SEO) is a must for all small businesses.

Why Search Engine Optimization is a Must For Any Small BusinessGreat SEO Leads To a Better User Experience

Most business owners fail to realize that sound SEO practices can actually enhance the user experience of their website. In the past few years, the Featured Snippet at the top of Google’s search engine results page has become a highly coveted spot. This snippet is designed to provide a search engine user with a direct answer to their query.

The only way to get your website featured in this highly-coveted spot is by focusing on user intent as you develop new content. If your content is written for your target audience, it will enhance the user experience your website offers. Rather than trying to figure out how to use SEO to provide a great user experience, you need to leave this job to professionals. A professional will be able to use the right tactics to increase organic traffic to your website.

The Power of Organic Search

For the most part, organic search engine traffic is the main source of traffic business websites have. Increasing the amount of organic traffic your website receives requires the creation and implementation of an SEO strategy. This strategy will need to include things like regular content updates, the use of popular keywords and active social media accounts.

If you don’t have the time or skill needed to produce content and publish it regularly, you need to let professionals help out. Ignoring the power of SEO-optimized content can result in your website dropping off of the first page of Google. Inexperienced business owners also run the risk of making mistakes that can result in Google penalties. Instead of letting your investment in a new website be wasted due to these mistakes, you need to hire professionals to manage your online marketing campaign.

Influence Consumer’s Buying Decisions

Before investing in a product or service, most modern consumers will do tons of online research. When researching the types of products/services your business offers, you need to make sure consumers see your website at the top of the search engine results page. If your website is featured prominently on a search engine results page, you have the power to influence consumers to invest in your products/services. Rising through the Google ranks is only possible if you invest in search engine optimization.

Are You Ready to Optimize Your Website?

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