Did you realize that Facebook is the third most popular website in the world? Due to the vast popularity of this website, more businesses than ever before are attempting to produce leads with the help of Facebook. With all of these businesses vying for the same leads, the world of Facebook marketing has become extremely competitive. Your main goal should be creating a Facebook business page that is both appealing and representative of your brand.

Taking the time to audit your existing Facebook business page is crucial when trying to figure out where changes need to be made. If you are attempting to improve the look and feel of your Facebook business page, consider the helpful information in this article.

1. Use Social Proof to Attract Attention

The first thing most consumers do before using the products/services a business offers is to check out their past reviews. If all a consumer finds about your business is negative reviews or press, you will have a hard time convincing them to become a customer. This is why you need to take the positive reviews you have received and showcase them for the world to see. The best way to showcase these positive reviews is on your business Facebook page.

Pinning positive reviews to the top of your Facebook business page can help you establish instant trust with consumers. You also need to make a point of engaging with the people who comment on the Facebook posts you make. By doing this, you can show potential customers you are passionate about serving your audience and meeting their needs.

2. Don’t Overlook the About Section on Your Facebook Page

Some business owners get so involved in posting content on their Facebook business page that they forget about a few basic elements. The main thing people who visit your page will check is your “about” section. This section is designed to help business owners tell consumers more about their products/services and the history of their brand. Ideally, you want to limit this section to a few paragraphs.

Putting too much information in this section can actually overwhelm consumers. Including a short description of what your business does and a link to your website is a great idea. By including this link, you can drive more traffic to your website.

3. Important Posts Need to Be Pinned to the Top of Your Profile

Another important thing you need to do when trying to optimize your Facebook profile is to make use of the pinning feature on this website. This feature allows you to put certain posts at the top of the page. The posts that you pin to the top of your profile should be informative and representative of your brand. Most business owners pin posts regarding current sales they are running. You can also develop a post that answers frequently asked questions and then pin it to the top of your page.

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