Developing a comprehensive marketing strategy is important. Not only will you need to focus on Google when developing this strategy, you also need to think about social media. Engaging with consumers on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter is important. With a great social media strategy, creating leads and brand recognition will be much easier.

Facebook ads are used by business owners to connect with a certain demographic. The average business spends around $800 or more a month on these ads. When trying to optimize your Facebook strategy for success, you need to find out more about the various ad types being offer. Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing the right Facebook ad type.

1. Event Responses Can Be Helpful

Are you trying to boost awareness of an upcoming event like a store opening or seminar? If so, using the power of event response Facebook ads is crucial when trying to create this awareness. While this type of ad shares a lot of similarities with the brand awareness ads offered by Facebook, there are some key differences.

For instance, event response ads can be targeted via location. This means that only people who live near where your event takes place will receive ads about it. By targeting your event response ads, you can increase engagement and may even be able to get more people at the event in question.

2. Post Engagement Ads

The key to staying fresh in the minds of consumers is posting content on a regular basis. Drawing more attention to these posts can help you increase the size of your audience substantially. These ads are designed to allow you the opportunity to drive more traffic to particular Facebooks posts on your business page.

Focusing on increasing post engagement can help you gain more followers organically. If the post you are promoting features links to your business website, it can help drive more traffic. Most of these ads feature a “like page” button on them. Users who click this button will get notifications when posts are made on your account in the future.

3. Using Video to Appeal to Facebook Users

The modern consumer has a very short attention span. This is why only using text to engage with them is a bad idea. In most cases, a modern consumer will be more likely to watch a video than they are to read a lengthy text post on your Facebook page. This is why using video ads on Facebook is such a good idea.

These videos can not be over four minutes long. This means you have to keep the message you are trying to convey in the video short and sweet. The newest trend taking over the world of Facebook video is 360 ads. These ads offer the user an immersive experience that is sure to make an impression.

Facebook Ads are a Great Investment

Now that you know more about the various types of Facebook ads and how they are used, it is time to take action. Be sure to read our article about why social media marketing is so important for the growth of a small business.