Social-Media-MarketingSocial Media has become one of the very staples of our everyday lives. Our work, politics, news, virtually everything is now being transmitted, and received via the various social media platforms. Social Media is virtually universal and has become one of the most effective ways to reach your audience.

Social Media offers us the opportunity to connect with not only your customers, but more importantly, your potential customers. It’s imperative these days to have a social media expert in your corner to ensure you are reaching the most people, and realizing the best ROI for your Social Media dollars. At, you receive just that; a Social Media professional that works closely with your company to ensure your Social Media campaign(s) provide you with low cost, optimal reach, and a comprehensive level of conversions.


Here at we offer complete comprehensive Social Media Marketing Campaigns at the most competitive prices in the industry. Our team of professionals will address the individual needs and concerns of your business and address them in the most operative and cost effective manner possible.

As marketers, offers your business a familiarity with Social Media marketing that would prove difficult to match at any price.


Reach is defined as how the content looks across the individual Social Media platforms. Your content displays well on Twitter, but how does it look on Facebook? Basically, your reach is defined as how many eyes actually view it. Total reach is the actual number of people who view your post. Here at we create Social Media content that has indefinite reach, or is at least very easily altered to achieve maximum reach on any given platform.

Total reach is broken down into three distinct categories; organic, viral, and paid. Organic reach is the number of unique visitors to actually view your content. Viral reach is the number of people who viewed your post as the result of something posted by a Social Media “friend”. Paid reach is the number of people viewing your post as the result of a paid advertisement.


The Marketing Sherpa glossary defines conversion as “The point at which a recipient of a marketing message performs a desired action.” In other words, conversion is simply getting someone to respond to your Call to Action (CTA).

Someone opening one of your emailed ads or newsletter is considered a conversion. When they click on a CTA or other link contained within, that constitutes another conversion. Visiting a landing page and filling in a data mining form is considered yet another type of conversion. The ultimate conversion is considered to be an actual sale!

Conversion comes in a wide variety of manner and is here to help you reach your highest possible conversion rates.

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