3 Things the COVID-19 Crisis Has Taught Business OwnersFinding ways to adapt to the changes in the world around you is crucial when trying to keep your business relevant. The COVID-19 crisis is not something most business owners were prepared for. However, true to the American spirit, entrepreneurs around the country have started to embrace the changes brought on by this global health crisis.

As the curve starts to flatten out and cases of the novel coronavirus start to decline, many business owners are starting to prepare for the re-opening of the American economy. There are a few key takeaways business owners should have regarding COVID-19 and here are some of them.

1. Consumers are Loyal to Brands That Communicate

One of the first things businesses did in the beginning stages of the COVID-19 pandemic is to communicate with their customer base. Many businesses sent out emails detailing their response to this global health crisis. Generally, these emails featured information about store closings and charity outreach efforts businesses were engaged in.

Many companies saw an increase in customer engagement and even sales with these emails. This positive response was mostly due to the fact that consumers love when the brands they use communicate with them. As you start to prepare for the re-opening of your business, don’t forget about the importance of communication. By making your customers feel like they are a part of your extended family, you can increase awareness and retention rates.

2. Having an Online Presence is a Necessity

Before the COVID-19 crisis, there were many business owners who failed to see the value of online marketing. These businesses are now having a very hard time keeping their business profitable during this time of economic uncertainty. If this crisis has taught business owners anything, it is that having an online presence is a necessity and not a luxury.

If your business has a very limited online presence, now is the time to start changing that. A well-built website and investments in paid search retargeting campaigns can help your disaster-proof your business to some degree. Allowing seasoned professionals to handle these online marketing campaigns is crucial when trying to achieve your goals.

3. Working From Home is Possible

Another important thing business owners have realized throughout the progression of the COVID-19 health crisis is that working from home is not as challenging or expensive as they previously thought. Many companies are having great success with remote work. This will undoubtedly lead to a rise in the number of businesses that adopt this approach to working after the economy has re-opened.

The main thing you need to do to make remote work easy is to have the right cloud-based tools. Using project management software and messaging apps is a great way to assign tasks to remote workers and track their progress.

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