Over $10 billion is spent by American business owners on paid advertising each year. One of the most popular paid search platforms on the market is Google AdWords. Approximately 7 million business owners and entrepreneurs use this paid search platform to reach a new audience. If you are investing in these paid ads, getting a high rate of return should be a top priority. 

Achieving your paid search goals will require well-placed ads and excellent ad copy. Taking a look at your competitors and their approach to paid search can help you create an edge. Below are some things highly successful Google ads have in common. 

1. Leveraging Social Proof in Your Ads

Approximately 91% of consumers look at the online reviews a business has before deciding to use their products/services. Some of the most successful Google ads incorporate social proof into their copy. Providing consumers with trust signals that how your brand is reputable can help you attract more attention. There are many ways to incorporate social proof into your ad copy. 

Including information about the reviews you have received from satisfied customers is perhaps the best way to incorporate social proof into your copy. You can also provide your Google Seller Ratings score to show consumers how well you have performed for others in the past. Providing links to video testimonials and reviews on popular platforms like YouTube is also beneficial when trying to engage with the readers of your ads. 

2. Optimized Calls to Action

Properly structuring your ad copy is also something you should view as a priority. Making sure these ads flow and have things like calls to action is imperative. A call to action allows you to guide a consumer to the next part of your sales funnel. Incorporating the right words into this call to action is crucial when trying to turn readers into actual customers. 

These words should include things like shop, but or get. Performing A/B testing on a few different calls to action can help you see what your audience responds best to. With the results from this testing, you can easily optimize your paid search content for success

3. Create Synergy Between Ad Copy and Landing Pages

The main goal you should have when developing ad copy is driving more traffic to your business website. Rather than sending readers of your ad copy to a generic page on your website, you need to create customized landing pages. These landing pages should be about the product/service you are advertising in your copy. 

Creating synergy between your ad copy and landing pages can help you increase conversion rates. If you don’t have the experience needed to create functional and informative landing pages, working with marketing professionals is your best course of action. 

Let’s Take the World of Paid Search By Storm

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