boost SEOEvery small business owner wants their site to be in the limelight. They crave to see their site on the first page of search engine results. But how can this be achieved? The answer is simple – by boosting SEO. When you pay attention to your website’s SEO, you fuel it to race ahead in the marathon of search rankings.

Have you ever thought of how your website performs on mobile devices? With accelerated mobile pages (AMP), your website not only runs faster on mobile devices, you can also boost your SEO.

Keep reading to learn more about optimizing your accelerated mobile pages for search engine success.

The Importance of Validating Your AMP Code

Validating accelerated mobile pages (AMP) is critical in boosting your SEO. Valid AMP code ensures that your pages display and function as they should. This provides a seamless and enjoyable user experience. This is vital because the better the user experience, the more favorably search engines will view your site.

Here’s how validating your AMP code can boost your SEO:

  • Speeds up Page Loading – Ensuring your AMP code is valid can help your pages load faster. This is a significant factor in search ranking, as search engines prefer sites that load quickly.
  • Enhances User Experience – A valid AMP code means your website will run smoothly on mobiles. The better the user experience, the more your website will likely be recommended by search engines.
  • Fixes Errors – Validating your code helps find and fix errors that may go unnoticed. These errors can harm your SEO, so fixing them can improve your search rankings.
  • Optimizes for Mobile – Valid AMP code ensures your website is fully optimized for mobile. This is crucial because search engines give preference to mobile-friendly sites.

So, if you want your website to shine in search rankings, validate your AMP code.

Optimize Meta Tags With Targeted Keywords

Optimizing your meta tags is a top-notch way to boost SEO. Meta tags are short descriptions that sum up what your web page is all about. They appear in search engine results and help users decide to click on your site. That’s why making your meta tags as appealing as possible is critical.

Now, you may wonder, how can meta tags boost SEO for AMP pages? Simple. By packing them with your targeted keywords. When you use the keywords your audience is searching for in your meta tags, you tell search engines, “Hey, my page has what they’re looking for!”

In turn, search engines are more likely to rank your site higher in search results.

Use Canonical Tags to Boost SEO

To further optimize your accelerated mobile pages, employ canonical tags. Canonical tags are a tool used to tell search engines, “This is the original version of my content.” So why is this important? It prevents duplicate content issues.

Imagine this scenario. You have the same piece of content on two different pages. Without canonical tags, search engines may get confused. They wonder which page is the original. This can lead to issues with your SEO.

By using canonical tags, you clear up this confusion. You point search engines to the original content.

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Leverage The Power of Structured Data

Implementing structured data on accelerated mobile pages (AMP) can significantly enhance your SEO. Structured data refers to a specific kind of coding that makes it easier for search engines to understand the content on your page.

This can lead to rich snippets — eye-catching previews of your website content in search results. These rich snippets can boost your SEO by making your AMPs more appealing to users.

Here are some tips on how to optimize your AMPs with structured data:

  • Include Required Structured Data: Different types of content require specific structured data. For instance, articles need headline and image properties. Ensure you include all necessary structured data for the type of content on your page.
  • Test Your Structured Data: Before launching, use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. This will ensure your markup is correct and can be read by search engines.
  • Include Relevant Information: The more relevant and accurate the structured data, the more likely you will land a rich snippet. Include information like ratings, prices, or author name where applicable.

You can help search engines better understand your content by leveraging structured data. This will significantly boost SEO.

Track User Behavior With AMP Analytics

Understanding user behavior on your accelerated mobile pages (AMP) can give you an edge in boosting your SEO. This is where amp-analytics comes into play. If you want to embed tracking codes into your AMP pages, using AMP analytics can be very helpful.

With amp-analytics, you can gather valuable data about how users interact with your website. You can learn what they click on, how much time they spend on certain pages, and even what they ignore. This information can help you make strategic improvements to your website. These improvements could increase user satisfaction and boost your SEO.

You must include the correct script in your AMP HTML to use amp-analytics. Then, you define your analytics within an amp-analytics element. Here, you can choose what user actions to track and where to send the data.

Check Your Internal Links

Internal linking is like a roadmap on your site. It connects one page to another. This helps users find what they’re looking for. It also helps search engines understand your content better. But how does this boost SEO?

When you use internal links wisely, you create a network of AMP pages. This network can guide users and search engines to more of your content. This network tells search engines that your site has valuable information. As a result, search engines may rank your site higher.

So, how can you use internal linking to boost SEO for AMP pages? The trick is to ensure your AMP pages link to other AMP pages. This can help keep users on your mobile site. This can lead to better user satisfaction.

Enable AMP Cache

AMP Cache can profoundly impact your website’s performance and search engine optimization. AMP Cache is a proxy-based content delivery network (CDN) for valid AMP documents. It fetches AMP HTML pages, caches them, and improves page performance automatically.

Here’s how enabling AMP Cache can boost your SEO:

  • Improved Page Load Speed: AMP Cache servers deliver your pages faster by using optimized delivery systems. Quick page load speeds are valued by search engines, contributing to higher rankings.
  • Automatic Page Optimization: AMP Cache performs several optimizations on your web pages automatically. This includes image optimization, CSS tree shaking, and more. These optimizations make your site more efficient and appealing to search engines.
  • Reduced Server Load: By serving your content from their servers, AMP Cache minimizes the load on your servers. This can enhance your website’s overall performance. It also makes it more reliable and attractive to search engines.
  • Content Updating: AMP Cache updates the content of your AMP pages automatically. This ensures visitors and search engines can always access the most up-to-date content.
  • Secure Delivery: AMP Cache delivers content over HTTPS, ensuring a secure connection. Search engines prefer secure websites, so this can also boost your SEO.

By enabling AMP Cache, you can ensure your AMP pages load faster, stay optimized, and are delivered securely. This will boost SEO and the user experience your website provides.

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Implement Social Sharing

Social sharing is a great way to boost SEO and increase your website’s visibility. With amp-social-share, you can add social sharing buttons to your accelerated mobile pages (AMP). These buttons allow users to share your content on their social media platforms easily. This can help extend your content’s reach, attract traffic, and increase user engagement.

When users share your content, they essentially advocate for your website. This can lead to more clicks and interactions, which search engines favor. Moreover, social shares can help increase your website’s authority and credibility, further boosting your SEO.

You must include the script in your AMP HTML to add social sharing buttons using amp-social-share. After that, you can define the social platforms you want to add. It’s essential to choose venues that your target audience frequently uses.

Prioritize Above-The-Fold Content

One of the best strategies to engage users on your accelerated mobile pages is prioritizing above-the-fold content. The term “above-the-fold” refers to the part of your website that users see without scrolling down.

With AMP, you can use the `amp-sidebar` component to prioritize your above-the-fold content. This component lets you create a toggleable sidebar on your AMP pages. You can use this space to highlight critical information, links, or call-to-actions. This makes it easily accessible to users when they arrive on your site.

Prioritizing above-the-fold content can engage users and keep them on your site longer. This is beneficial for SEO because search engines prefer pages that provide a good user experience.

Boost SEO With the Help of Accelerate Mobile Pages

Do you want to boost SEO and drive more traffic to your website? If so, you must implement the AMP optimization tips covered above. Our team is here to help you accomplish your digital marketing goals!