The number of Google searches performed grows by over 10% every year. Driving organic traffic to your website with the help of Google is a complex process. One of the best ways to increase the traffic to your website is by getting on the first page of Google’s search result pages. With all of the different businesses vying for these coveted spots, landing on the first page of Google will be difficult.

Business owners make a number of mistakes that can thwart their attempts at dominating the world of online search. Optimizing your business website is crucial when trying to get attention from Google. The following are some of the reasons why your business website may not be showing up on the first page of Google.

Why Your Business Website Isn’t on The First Page of Google SearchYou Don’t Have a Paid Search Strategy in Place

For the most part, the businesses that show up in the top three spots on search engine results pages (SERPs) are using pay-per-click advertising. Some business owners think they can climb the search engine ladder with just high-quality content and popular keywords. While these elements are helpful, it will take the help of paid search to reach the upper echelons of Google’s search engine results pages.

Developing, implementing and optimizing paid search campaigns is hard for most business owners. Instead of wasting money on a DIY paid search campaign, you need to seek out the help of professionals. With the assistance of a marketing company, you can get your website on the first page of Google in no time.

Lack Of Website Optimization

Taking the time to look at the various factors Google uses to assign rank to website is imperative. Without this information, you will find it impossible to get the online attention you are after. One of the main things you need to check when trying to optimize your website is page load speeds. Ideally, you want the pages on your website to load in two seconds or less.

You also need to optimize the content on your website with popular keywords, links and images. Using both inbound and outbound links in your website content is a great way to get noticed by Google. Making sure your outbound links are to high-authority websites is also crucial.

Google Loves Social Proof

If your website is devoid of positive customer reviews or testimonials, rising to the top of Google is going to be difficult. Google loves putting businesses with tons of great reviews at the top of search engine results pages. This is why acquiring and prominently displaying positive social proof on your website is a wise move. Offering satisfied customers incentives to leave positive reviews is a great way to increase the number you have to use.

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