During the pandemic, many business owners found out just how important an online presence is. Generally speaking, the businesses that had a well-crafted online presence faired much better during the pandemic. As the world starts to open back up, many business owners are trying to find a way to convince their online followers to visit their physical storefronts. 

Currently, business owners in the United States are spending over $21 billion a year on marketing campaigns. If one of your main goals as a business owner is to turn online traffic into foot traffic, you need to become familiar with the term phygital marketing. Read below to find out more about phygital marketing and how to use it to accomplish your sales and customer acquisition goals. 

The Definition of Phygital Marketing

The merging of offline and digital marketing strategies is referred to as phygital marketing. The main reason for the merging of these marketing strategies is to provide a better and more cohesive customer experience. Basically, it takes the best aspects of the in-person shopping experience and merges it with the convenience of digital commerce. 

People use the Internet to research the products a business has and then reserve them for in-store pick-up. Providing consumers with the ability to do this is considered a phygital marketing strategy. 

The Importance of Using Phygital Marketing

If you are on the fence about developing a phygital marketing strategy, then you need to realize how beneficial these campaigns can be. Developing a phygital marketing campaign allows you to take advantage of benefits like:

  • Improve The Customer Experience- One of the main benefits that come with developing a phygital marketing strategy is the fact that it helps you improve the customer experience. Not every consumer is motivated to shop online. With a comprehensive strategy, you can appeal to a wide array of consumers. 
  • Boost Sales and Revenue- Focusing solely on online sales can affect your bottom line. Rather than limiting your approach to acquiring new customers, you need to widen your reach. The best way to do this is by developing a detailed strategy. 

Developing a successful phygital marketing strategy will require the use of data and the help of marketing professionals. 

How To Develop a Strategy

Identifying who your target audience is should be the first step in the phygital marketing strategy creation process. Once you know who your target audience is, you need to start creating great experiences for them. 

Focusing on convenience is crucial when trying to produce results with your campaign. Making your website easier to navigate and creating an app that allows consumers to buy or reserve items to pick up in your store. Creating a seamless and stress-free shopping experience for your customers is vital when trying to keep them loyal and engaged. 

Using the Internet to drive traffic to your physical storefront will not be easy. By using the phygital marketing tips in this article, you can attract more attention from online consumers.