Producing great content is a key component of online marketing success. Over 409 million people read blogs online every month. If you want your blogs to get the attention they deserve, then you have to optimize every aspect of them. One of the most overlooked elements of a blog is the title. You need to realize that the first thing most people will notice about your blog is the title. 

This is why you need to make sure the title is both engaging and attention-grabbing. Clickbait is a term that most business owners have heard but few are familiar with what it actually means. The following is more information about clickbait and how to use it to further your online reach. 

The Definition of Clickbait

The idea of grabbing an online consumer’s attention in a dramatic way is the basic definition of clickbait. The headlines that are considered clickbait are usually designed to inspire emotion. In most cases, information gaps will be embedded in the title to spark the interest of the reader. Over the years, clickbait has gotten a bad reputation. In reality, clickbait is a great way to generate more interest and drive traffic to the content on your website. 

Utilizing the Power of Clickbait

There have been scientific studies performed regarding the power of clickbait. Researchers have found that headlines can entice curiosity if they are written correctly. Here is some of the most important information from these studies. 

Numbers in Blog Titles

Listicles are one of the most popular blog types on the Internet. Many clickbait titles use numbers to grab the attention of potential readers. Studies have found that titles with odd numbers generate more clicks than titles that contain even ones. 

The Use of Suspenseful Language

Leaving a bit of a cliffhanger in your blog titles can attract attention from consumers. Ending a title with common suspenseful phrases like you won’t believe what happened next can be very impactful. Most people will click on titles that contain suspenseful language because they want to know what happens next. 

Unresolved Pronouns Are Popular

Using the right pronouns to give your titles a lack of resolution can also be powerful. The word “this” is one of the most popular used pronouns in the world of clickbait. You can use this pronoun to create an information gap and get attention from potential customers. 

Use Clickbait in a Positive Way

One of the main reasons clickbait has gotten a bad reputation over the years is that it is sometimes used to spread distasteful and harmful misinformation. If you want to incorporate clickbait into your content calendar, then you need to make sure it is used in a positive way. For instance, if you offer a product/service that helps people, you can use them as the subject of your clickbait content. Being able to actually back up the claims made in your clickbait titles is crucial, which is why promoting products/services that actually work is a wise move. 

Now that you know more about the power of clickbait, it is time to incorporate it into your content marketing strategy.