While each website is unique, and you must base your efforts on the product or service you offer, there are ways you can optimize the site for user intent. Even if you have unique challenges other businesses don’t face, there are ways to use these tips and ensure they work effectively. 

Keep Site Navigation Simple 

No matter your business type, you want a website that stands out from your competition. In some cases, you will work hard to create a small business for an SEO strategy that’s so unique that the final results aren’t effective. One example of this is a navigation menu that is confusing or unwieldy. 

It’s important to leverage “content hierarchy,” which will make navigation easier. If you sell different types of clothing, it’s smart to create overarching navigation for different categories. You can also create sub-menus to help break them down further into different types. Just keep the following in mind when it comes to your navigation:

  • Keep your navigational headers clear
  • Avoid being too wordy (you have limited space)
  • Consider the way your navigation will look on mobile devices

Stay Helpful, Thorough, Timely, and Relevant

If you want your content and site to appeal to users with informational search intent, you must ensure that your content provides timely and relevant information. It doesn’t matter what industry you operate in; your content will make or break the overall UX (user experience). It should also be easy to discover. 

Informational users will be annoyed if they must search through your site to find what they are searching for. Be sure the information is clear and where it can be found quickly in the navigation menu. 

Take time to develop compelling copy that shows what your business offers and makes you seem trustworthy, experienced, and an authority in your specific niche or industry. You can look at each search string used and create content around these. You should also use search terms organically in the content you create to help boost your SEO rank. 

Don’t Forget About Functionality 

Have you ever happened to click a news article and left quickly because the content loaded slowly or because there were excessive pop-up ads that are hard to close? 

A great-looking website, easy-to-use navigation, and compelling copy mean nothing if your website is structurally unsound or glitchy. When it comes to web design, you can’t have broken links, slow load speeds, or an unresponsive design and expect people to stick around. Even a motivated buyer will give up if your site isn’t managed well. 

Optimizing Your Site for User Intent 

When optimizing your site for user intent, it’s not something you can afford to ignore or put off. Google is paying more attention to it than ever before, which means you need to achieve the desired results. You can seek help from our professional team at Small Business SEO to ensure your site addresses user intent. Being informed will help you with consumer intent for your site.