With winter on the horizon, it means the holiday season is coming, too. If you have not planned your holiday marketing and PPC (pay-per-click) strategy yet, now is the time to start. However, don’t get too overwhelmed.

With the tips and information here, you can feel confident that your PPC strategy will be able to dominate the search engines and help you generate more sales than ever before.

Review Your Results from Last Year

It is a good idea to dissect the results you achieved last year. For example, carefully consider:

  • What campaigns and channels worked and should be used again?
  • What creative had the most impact?
  • Which of your promotions produced the most purchased?
  • What audiences bought the most?
  • Where were you able to outperform your competition? In what areas did they outperform you?

If you had something that was extremely effective last year, there is no reason to change it up – after all; everyone has heard the saying – if it is not broken, do not fix it.

Select the Preferred Channels and Start Testing

While looking at your results from the year before is a good starting point, using the same plan year after year will not be effective. Remember, every year, digital marketing changes and evolves.

Even though there may be parts of former campaigns that you should hold on to or grow, it is a mistake to rely on just the things that worked in the past. Try to allocate about five to 10% of your total budget to test new tactics, tools, strategies, channels, or platforms.

Plan the Funnels You Will Use

Now is a good time to begin preparing your PPC campaign. As you begin thinking about the campaigns you want to create and run, think about how you will move your prospects through your sales funnel.

Since many of the people you are targeting are not “regulars” but gift-givers, there will be many prospecting going on. With this in mind, you need to think about how you can create funnels so that your prospecting campaigns will increase volume and build remarketing pools without wasting your time, energy, or money.

For example, Instagram and Facebook ads require an outside the box thinking, and you need to choose your objectives at every stage of your funnel to generate the highest ROIs possible. Warming and re-engaging new prospects is essential to make sure your prospecting efforts were not a waste.

Audiences are an effective way to connect your campaigns, and there are more than a few ample targeting and audience options to use, which will help you create a multi-channel funnel.

Seek Help for Your Holiday PPC Campaign Planning

When it comes to planning your PPC efforts for the holiday shopping season, many things must be considered. If you are not confident, you can handle this on your own, consider hiring professionals. They will help ensure your campaign meets the mark and helps you achieve the desired results.