When you are trying to set up a business for the first time, it’s all about creating a detailed business and marketing plan that is going to work the way you want it to – to reach customers and boost conversion.

Here’s a step-by-step way to address some of the essential steps to set up your small business marketing that help today’s budding enterprises to succeed.

Setting Price Points and Logistics

One of the first steps involves working with your market research plan. Pricing has to be transparent – or you’re going to turn away a lot of people. So before you get into the nuts and bolts of marketing, do the market research. Look at what you can expect to charge, and what’s going to be attractive to your customer base.

Building an Audience Profile

In trying to figure out what’s inside your customers’ heads, business intelligence is essential.

If you have a mailing list or some primitive CRM, or any other way to get data about customers, use that to put together a better idea of who you’re trying to reach. This will set the stage for what you’re about to do next – designing your actual online marketing platforms.

The Media and the Message

Another key step is to figure out which medium or media to use.

You can use print or digital literature to reach out to customers. You can build a high functioning website, or attend public events to create visibility for your business.

Ideally, you’ll be doing all of these things at once. But it’s especially important to pay attention to the web marketing side of your business – because that’s how so many things get sold these days. E-commerce is a booming field, and more consumers are looking for products and services online. So make sure that the online side of your marketing plan doesn’t suffer from underinvestment.

The Top Three Spots – And Other Web Tips

What’s the best way to be seen online? Most people would say it’s on a Google search.

Specific studies show that the top three Google results often get the lion’s share of customer interest, so you want to be able to make sure you rank.

Also, you can use rich media snippets to dress up your Google search results – but unless you’re ranking well, these aren’t going to be as effective.

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