For years, business owners have used the power and reach of Facebook to spread the word about their products/services. Having a presence on social media platforms like Facebook can make your brand more approachable for consumers. Getting the people who follow your Facebook business page to share your content and promote you is difficult. 

There are over 7 million businesses currently advertising on Facebook. These business owners view an investment in these ads as worthwhile considering the leads it helps them gen. Growing your following on Facebook is vital when trying to make your business an international success. The following are some common problems that can keep you from growing your Facebook following and how to fix them. 

Your Facebook Profile Looks Spammy

Appearances are everything when it comes to gaining popularity on social media platforms like Facebook. Making sure your existing Facebook business profile is in good shape can help you avoid problems in the future. If you are having a hard time getting people to follow your Facebook business page, then you need to see if your profile appears spammy. When assessing the spam factor of your profile, you need to consider things like:

  • Are all of your photo captions hashtags?
  • Do the photos on your profile look low-quality?
  • Do your posts always take on a salesy tone? 
  • Are you consistently posting the same message over and over again? 

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you need to make some changes. By fixing the problems mentioned above, you can get the positive attention needed to grow your Facebook following in no time. 

Take A Look At Your Posting Habits

Once a person takes a look at your Facebook business profile, they will usually start to look at the previous posts your business has made. When people look at these posts, are they going to find too much or not enough content to vet your business? Finding a sweet spot between too much posting and never posting is vital for business owners trying to grow an audience on Facebook. 

If you are posting things of little value multiple times a day, it can make people hit the unfollow button quickly. If you are not posting enough, consumers will forget about your brand. Instead of trying to figure out a perfect Facebook posting formula on your own, you should leave this job to competent marketing professionals. 

A Lack of Visual Content

Capturing and keeping the attention of modern consumers is extremely challenging. While scrolling through Facebook, the average person will be presented with hundreds of posts. If all you are providing people with are text-based posts, you are probably going to pass up lots of sales leads. Most people want content that is visual and interactive. This is why investing in videos, surveys and other visual content is so important for business owners trying to get attention on platforms like Facebook. 

If you are making any of the mistakes mentioned in this article, Small Business SEO can help you correct them.