When most people think about SEO, they think about their website. However, the value of search engine optimization is a universal constant in online marketing. Every platform uses some form of SEO-like process to help users find content. Businesses that have pages on LinkedIn can benefit from optimizing their profile. Recently, LinkedIn gave marketers SEO tips for improving the Company Page.

To get the most out of LinkedIn, businesses need to get their pages seen by other professionals. Using an effective SEO strategy can help you generate more leads and better outcomes from the LinkedIn Company Page.

In a post outlining advice for page managers, LinkedIn wrote, “To make the most of your presence on LinkedIn, it’s important that your company LinkedIn Page can easily be found. By filling out your company’s LinkedIn Page in its entirety, including relevant keywords in your company description, and adding compelling imagery to your profile and shared content, your LinkedIn Page will be positioned for valuable search rankings.”

A critical component of your Company Page is the appropriate use of relevant keywords in the About section. By crafting an engaging overview that answers questions your audience might have, you can create content that’s useful and filled with valuable keywords.

LinkedIn recommends that Company Pages follow a seven-step framework for the About section. Each segment should answer a specific question or provide useful links. The sections and their associated questions are:

Vision – What future do we want to help create?

Mission – How do we create that future?

Values – Who are we? How do we work?

Positioning – What makes our brand different?

Tagline – Our brand summed up in one line.

Products/Services – Here’s what we provide.

Link to Your Website – Useful Backlink for Your Site

LinkedIn also recommends that page managers fill out their Company Page entirely. Greater detail helps users find your company with ease. They state that including additional company details, like size, industry, and specialties, will help paint a complete picture of your organization. It’s worth mentioning that filling out all this information also makes it easier for them to target ads to your organization. But cynicism aside, LinkedIn says “companies with complete information see 30 percent more weekly views.”

Another part of your LinkedIn SEO strategy is to update your page frequently. Regular page updates help you maintain visibility with your followers, and it can assist your ranking on Google. According to LinkedIn, “Consistent fresh content gets indexed and helps the search engine recognize your Page as active and valuable source of information.”

Even if you don’t use your LinkedIn page for much, using these recommendations from the platform creators can help you see an SEO benefit from using the platform. And if you are using LinkedIn as part of your strategy, these tactics can make you more effective.

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