If you want to generate more online sales leads and boost your conversion rates, you have to focus on optimizing your small business SEO campaigns. Getting more attention from search engines like Google will enhance your ability to grow your online audience. Publishing great content is important if you want to improve your Google rank. 

Adding a blog to your website can increase traffic by up to 434 percent. During the content creation process, you need to consider a number of factors. Choosing the right subject matter, keywords and linking structure is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Readability should also be a top concern during the content creation process. Read below for more information about content readability and how it can help you achieve your small business SEO goals. 

A Brief Description of Content Readability

Content readability is a term used to describe how easy it is for a website visitor to consume your content. If the content on a website is cumbersome to read or scan, it can drive potential customers away in droves. Generally, content that features complex sentence structures, industry jargon and extremely long sentences is hard to read. 

Improving content readability can help you provide visitors with a better user experience. If content is readable, website visitors can easily extract meaning and value from it. Multiple studies show that the average person reads at a 9th-grade level. 

However, most people are more comfortable reading content that is around two grades lower because it is easier to understand. If you want to improve website content readability, you need to implement some of the tips below.  

Break Up Content Into Smaller Paragraphs

There are few things more unappealing to website visitors than pages with long blocks of text. The average person isn’t going to read every word on a web page. Instead, they will scan the page to find the information they want. If visitors to your website are unable to find the information they need, they will move on to a competitor’s website. 

Breaking up the content on your pages into smaller paragraphs is a good way to improve readability. Ideally, you want to keep your paragraphs to around three to four sentences. 

Remove All Jargon From Your Content

The people that visit your website will be looking for information about the products/services you provide. If all of the content they find is filled with industry jargon they don’t understand, they will be unable to gain any real value from it. Rather than confusing readers of your content, you need to make seemingly complex topics about your industry easy to understand. 

Don’t Forget To Add Appealing Images

If you are adamant about improving content readability, then you have to use the right images. Using relevant images in your content can give readers a visual representation of the subjects being covered. This can make understanding the content in question much easier for website visitors. 

If you are constantly receiving complaints about your content, it is time to improve it with the tips mentioned above.