According to a recent study, over 58% of online shoppers have abandoned a cart in the last three months. If you are the owner of an online store, one of your main goals should be lowering the cart abandonment rate your website has. Keeping visitors to your store interested in what you are selling will require a lot of work.

Product descriptions are one of the first things consumers will notice about your website. If these descriptions are not easy to read and informative, it can lead to you losing a lot of potential sales. Are you trying to write product descriptions that help you move merchandise?

Important Rules to Follow When Trying to Write Product Descriptions That SellInform Consumers About the Benefits of Your Product

Providing a great customer experience is crucial when trying to make your online store profitable. As a visitor to your website starts to look at the products you have, they will have a desire to find out in-depth details about each one. As you start to craft your product descriptions, you need to make sure you cover more than just a laundry list of features. Consumers don’t want to be bored with industry jargon, which is why focusing on the benefits your products provide is a smart move.

Laying out in detail how your product can improve the life of a consumer can help you greatly. Putting yourself in the position of a new customer can help you figure out how to approach your product descriptions. As time goes by, you will need to change your product descriptions to keep them current and informative.

Keep it Conversational

The tone used to inform consumers about a product is also important. You need to avoid making your product descriptions bland and boring. Ideally, you want these descriptions to be engaging and conversational. As you write your product descriptions, think about how you would describe the item to a close friend.

Using a conversational tone will help you establish a sense of trust with the reader right away. Interjecting a bit of humor into your product descriptions is a fantastic way to get your point across and entertain the reader. Seeking out the help of a content marketing professional is imperative when trying to develop product descriptions that are indicative of your brand.

Your Product Descriptions Should Be Easy To Scan

You only have a short amount of time to make a positive impression on a visitor to your website. If a consumer wants to find information in a hurry, you need to make this easy for them. If you are trying to make your product descriptions more user-friendly, using numbered lists, headings and bullet points. With these elements, your product descriptions will be easy to scan.

It’s Time to Optimize Your Product Descriptions

As you can see, having great product descriptions is essential when trying to grow your online business. The team at Small Business SEO will have no problem optimizing the content on your website for success.