Creating an effective online sales funnel requires the use of great content. Establishing an online presence for your business is a lot easier if you have engaging and informative content to offer your target audience. The average person consumes a variety of digital media as they peruse the various product/service offerings they encounter online. While it is important to have well-written blogs on your website, you need to do more to capture the attention of consumers. 

If you want to create a marketing campaign that generates many leads, you need to become familiar with interactive content. Here is some information about interactive content and how to use it to your advantage. 

What Is Interactive Content?

Interactive content is defined as any content that encourages a consumer to engage with it rather than just consume it passively. Things like videos, infographics, calculators and white papers are all considered interactive content. A recent study found that approximately 81% of marketing professionals realize how important interactive content is to their success. If you feel like run-of-the-mill blogs aren’t getting you the attention you need, it is time to consider adding interactive content to your existing digital marketing strategy. 

Advantages of Using Interactive Content

Business owners new to the world of interactive content usually wonder whether it will live up to the hype. When used properly, interactive content can provide your business with tons of different benefits. The main benefit of using interactive content is the increased levels of customer engagement it fosters. Using interactive content also helps with things like:

Before creating interactive content, you need to define your target audience and what type of content they respond to. With this information, you can start to create interactive content that actually gets results. 

Types of Interactive Content You Should Use

Are you unsure about how to add interactive content to your existing digital marketing strategy? If so, you need to consider the different types of interactive content mentioned below. 

Interactive Videos

Creating immersive videos about your brand is a great way to attract attention from potential customers. These videos should be detailed and focused on covering a topic your target audience is interested in. Once you’ve created interactive videos for your audience, sharing them on social media is vital. 

Surveys and Polls

Polls and surveys are some of the most effective interactive content options on the market. Tons of brands use this type of content to reel in potential sales leads. With well-designed surveys and polls, you can get information about what your target audience wants and the purchasing preferences they have. 

Digital Calculators

If a consumer is looking for a way to calculate mortgage interest rates, body mass index or any other query that requires mathematical calculations, they will go out in search of a digital calculator. Providing these calculators on your website can help you drive more traffic to your domain in no time. 

By using interactive content, you can expand your business’s online reach.