Continuous consumer engagement is one of the essential elements of a successful online marketing campaign. One of the best ways to keep a constant dialogue with your audience is by using a popular social media platform like Facebook. This platform not only allows you to inform the general public about what your business does, it also provides you with opportunities to offer discounts on products/services to followers.

Nearly 40 percent of Facebook users claim they follow business profiles because they want to receive special offers. Another tool you can use when trying to keep Facebook users interested in your business is Messenger bots. These AI-infused Messenger bots will provide automated responses to consumers who reach out to you on Facebook. Read below to find out how using these Messenger bots can help you increase conversions.

Direct People to Your Product/Services Pages

For most business owners, using Facebook is something they do to drive more traffic to their actual website. While making posts with your URL in them can help you achieve this goal, utilizing the power of Messenger bots is also a good idea. Messenger bots provide you with the ability to create custom messages to send to the people who reach out via Facebook Messenger.

These messages are a great way to plug products/services in an unassuming way. Once the question a user has asked in answered by the Messenger bot, you need to offer a shop now link. Presenting this link at the right time can help you increase traffic to your website and your conversion rate.

A Great Way to Improve Customer Service

Providing excellent service to your existing customers is the only way to keep them loyal. When potential or existing customers have a question or concern, they need a way to reach out right away. This is where Facebook Messenger bots come into play. The best part about using the bots is that you can customize them to fit your unique needs.

As you start the chatbot building process, take into consideration the most frequently asked questions your company receives. Providing this information to the chatbot is essential when trying to provide consumers with fast and comprehensive answers. The faster your response rate is, the easier it will be for consumers to decide whether or not they want to use your products/services.

Messenger Bots Can Help Build Brand Awareness

The people who reach out to your company via Facebook Messenger will be in search of information about your products/services. Providing this information in a unique and understandable way is essential when attempting to build brand awareness.

Putting information your chatbot responses regarding your company’s core values and mission statement is a wise idea. By doing this, you can let consumers know exactly what they stand to gain by using your products/services.

It’s Time to Take Facebook By Storm

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