How to Improve Your Social Media Ad Strategy in 2020Did you realize the average consumer spends up to 135 minutes on social media each day? There is no denying just how much platforms like Facebook and Instagram have changed the human experience. Not only do consumers use social media to connect with friends and family members, businesses also use it to reach a new audience. One of the most effective ways to attract new customers is by investing in ads on popular social media platforms.

Most social media websites, like Facebook, allow business owners and entrepreneurs to target the ads they produce. This means you will have control of who sees the content you put out. If you are looking for ways to improve your social media ad strategy in 2020, consider the information below.

Chatbots are a Great Addition to Your Facebook Ad Strategy

Using Facebook Messenger to connect with consumers is something most businesses do. This instant messaging program allows you to create a dialogue with existing and potential customers. Instead of sticking to the pre-determined limitations of Messenger, you need to think about deploying a chatbot to communicate with your audience.

These AI-infused programs allow you to answer a number of frequently asked questions in a hurry. With the help of these chatbots, you can create a personalized and meaningful communication experience for a consumer. If you are going to be running a number of ads on Facebook, you need to prepare for an influx of messages and questions. This is why you need to have your chatbot in place before you ramp up your Facebook marketing efforts.

Use Video in Your Social Media Advertising Campaigns

Auditing your existing social media advertising strategy is the only way to see where changes need to be made. Some business owners make the mistake of sticking to one type of media when attempting to engage with consumers. While a well-written social media ad can be effective, you also need to consider using video in your campaigns.

Studies show that business owners and marketing professionals who use video increase revenue 49 percent faster than companies that don’t use video. Keeping the videos being used in your social media ad campaigns short and engaging is imperative. Ideally, you want to provide the watcher with as much information as you can in a minute. Shortening your videos will make them more watchable and can also make them more impactful.

Increase Your Ad Budget

Are you currently using a great mix of text and video ads with limited success? If so, it may be time to allocate more money for this type of marketing. With all of the different businesses vying for attention on popular social media platforms, you will have to use both marketing savvy and money to edge out the competition.

Social Media Success Takes Time

As you start to navigate the world of social media ads, you need to realize that success on these platforms will take time. Allowing the team at Small Business SEO to help you optimize your social media strategy is a great way to hit the ground running. Contact us now for more information about the services we offer.