Converting the leads you generate with your Google AdWords campaign is harder than you think. Modern consumers are presented with hundreds of Google Ads daily. Setting the ads you present to a possible customer apart from your competitor is imperative when trying to grow your bottom line. Landing page optimization is a key component to a successful Google AdWords campaign.

In fact, long landing pages that are optimized can generate roughly 220% more leads than the average landing page. Are you looking for ways to optimize your existing landing pages? If so, check out the useful information below.

Great Landing Page Optimization Tips You Need to KnowDon’t Wait to Divulge Your Unique Value Proposition

Engaging consumers at every stage of the buying journey is the only way to increase sales. When clicking on a link in your Google Ad, a consumer will want concrete information about the product/service being offered right away. Letting a landing page visitor know all about what sets your company apart from others in your industry can is a wise move.

By providing this useful information right away, you can keep the landing page visitor interested in what you are trying to sell. The last thing a visitor to your landing page wants is lots of useless fluff at the top of the page. Ignoring the need to optimize the content above the fold of your landing page can cost you a lot of valuable leads.

Clear and Concise Landing Page Content

Have you ever visited a landing page with poorly written and unintelligible content? If so, you know how this can tarnish your impression of a business right away. If a possible customer visits a landing page on your site that doesn’t have a clear and concise message, they will leave in a hurry without making a purchase. This is why you have to be very careful when devising content to put on your landing pages.

Most content writing aficionados use outlines and checklists when writing landing page content. These tools help the writer to stay on message and avoid filling the page with useless content. Instead of trying to devise this content on your own, you should find a professional to help you out. They will be able to help you find a voice for your brand and use this voice to craft good landing page content.

Your Landing Page Needs Trust Signals

If a person visits your landing page, it means they are interested in the products/services you are advertising. These visitors are also trying to verify the legitimacy of your company before making contact. Putting a landing page visitor’s mind at ease is only possible when including trust signals. Landing pages with trust signals like social proof and easy to find contact information do much better than pages without it.

Let the Landing Page Optimization Begin!

As you can see, there are a number of things you can do to optimize your landing pages. With the help of Small Business SEO, achieving your marketing goals will be a breeze.