Along with Google, WordPress is one of the most important platforms for online business. WordPress is a free, web design platform that is used by a significant portion of companies that have a website. Companies can customize their sites by using plugins that add the features needed for a particular company’s website. WordPress users can now get Site Kit from Google, which simplifies the process for adding Google to a site to get data. 

Google services like Analytics, AdSense, and more are designed to work with all sites on the internet. The only thing web designers need to do is add Google’s code to the right place. This is an easy task for experienced web designers, but it can be a challenge for business owners who don’t know how to modify their site after it was initially set up. Google’s Site Kit for WordPress makes it easier for anyone to see the data Google collects from the site.

Google’s Site Kit was announced earlier this year at a developer’s conference. After months of testing and fine-tuning, Google announced last week that the Site Kit was now available for everyone. 

In a post announcing the launch, Google Product Manager Mariya Moeva wrote, “Today, we’re announcing that Site Kit is available for everyone to install from the WordPress plugin directory. Site Kit is Google’s official WordPress plugin – it enables you to setup and configure key Google services, get insights on how people find and use your site, learn how to improve, and easily monetize your content.”

Google Site Kit has something for everyone. It benefits the site owners and web developers. For website owners, Site Kit makes it easier to get information about a site’s performance. The data from multiple Google products are placed directly on the site’s Dashboard, which makes it faster and more convenient to access relevant stats. Essential information about the site is visible as soon as a user signs into the website.

Site Kit provides cross-product insights by combining data from the Google Search Console, Google Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, and AdSense. The intuitive Dashboard widget saves time because website owners won’t have to go to several sites to get the data they need. Best of all, there’s no source code editing required. As Google stated in the announcement, using Site Kit is the “easiest way to install and manage Google products on your site in just a few clicks.”

Site Kit also benefits web developers and online agencies who need to provide data reports to the website owner. Site Kit can provide aggregated insights from the Google products listed above. Site Kit eliminates the need to copy data from multiple Google products to compile reports for clients. Webmasters can also ensure the site is setup optimally by reading improvement recommendations come directly from Google. You don’t have to worry about the wrong people access the data. The system includes roles and permissions that allow website owners to manage access to the site’s data.

Site Kit will help website owners make informed decisions about their website and to fine-tune the site, so it’s as effective as possible. To get started, all you need to do is install the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory

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