For SEO marketers, having access to accurate information is one of the benefits of using Google Search Console Reports. Though the end of the year is only a few weeks away, Google has a surprise for people that depend on Google Search Console Reports to provide their team with information. According to Google, the Google Search Console will be using fresher data when users want to access the Discover mode. 

In a quick note on Twitter, Google wrote, “One last Google Search Console announcement this year! 🎉 Your Discover data on the Performance reports is now *fresher* – similar to what we announced in September for your Search data.“

This change is especially noteworthy because of data errors that have been a problem with Google Search Console Reports. For example, Google acknowledged a bug that led to inaccurate data coming into the Google Search Console Reports. 

Google wrote, “Because of an internal issue, you will see a data drop in the Performance report for Discover during this period.”

It’s a testament to the ability of Google for the company to work on delivering fresher data, even while working with bugs that could accidentally give out inaccurate data. 

Google Discover is the name for Google Feed and shows you topics and news items around items that interest you. With Google Discover, you can get information about your interests, like your favorite sports team or news site, without searching for them. The feed can show up on Google’s mobile app, the mobile home page, or even the desktop home page.

For publishers that look to the Google Discover feed as a traffic source, fresher data provides a more timely, more accurate picture of how your content is performing. Users won’t have to wait for data that are several days old.

For SEO marketers, anything that produces easier to understand trends. It’ll be interesting to see how Google handles delivering fresher data to users on Google Search Console Reports. 

Marketers shouldn’t expect all errors and issues to go away immediately. There will be a learning curve for Google as it tries to keep up with the demands of running a faster system that provides more up-to-date data. 

If you want to know more about the tactics Google will use to deliver fresher data on Google Discover, there’s an article from September where Google explains how the company would offer newer data to SEO marketers

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