One of Google’s greatest advantages has been the low cost of using most of their services. Google provides high-quality services for free, and that’s a price that’s hard to beat. However, Google has been surveying business owners about the possibility of making some changes to how Google My Business operates. Google is considering charging companies for access to advanced Google My Business features.

Recently, some business owners were given a survey from Google about possible new features that could be coming to Google My Business. After this initial part of the survey, users are asked to select which features they would like. Companies are shown some options for how the services can be bundled, along with possible pricing options.

Google hasn’t made any official announcements related to the survey, but their intent is clear. The survey is testing the water to see how business owners would respond to being charged for certain Google My Business services, and how much they are willing to pay. You can add your 2 cents to the discussion by taking the survey for yourself. This survey is relatively long, so make sure you have some time to finish it before you get started.

To many people, the introduction of monthly subscription fees for Google My Business is the most critical part of this story. But the new features Google plans to introduce are also noteworthy. The list of new services shown to the survey respondents includes Google customer support, adding a “Book” button on your business profile, and the ability to promote your “Book” button. Google My Business will also have verified reviews, a business leader can get a promoted map pin, and marketing leaders can get call reports and recordings for the Google My Business account.

Other features include: verified bookings; automated message responses, automated responses for reviews, Google search results placement, getting leads from competitors profiles, background checks, instant quote and request a quote services, special offers, featured reviews, an updated Google Guarantee, you can have your licenses verified, add video to your business profile, and even remove ads from your business profile.

With so many new features, there’s something for everyone. It also explains why Google is considering charging for these advanced Google My Business features. Things like background checks cost money, and Google can’t give away for free to every business. Charging for advanced features may soften the criticism that Google is hurting other businesses by giving away services for free when other companies charge for them.

One of the things the survey is checking is how business leaders feel about bundling options and how much they are willing to pay. Google is testing multiple feature bundling options that may appeal to business owners. The prices range from $25 to $70 per month.

Charging a monthly fee for Google My Business could be a game changer in many ways. It could give a significant advantage to the companies that pay for the subscription. And the new features could make Google My Business more useful for consumers.

If you have an opinion on this new plan, take the survey and share your thoughts with Google. For more information about recent Google updates, read this article on a recent change that affects AMP Stories on Google.