For many people around the world, Google is their first choice when they want to search for information online. However, typing a query into Google Search is only one of the many ways that people interact with Google. Google is making it easier for advertisers to target Google users who are utilizing other features on the site. Last week, Google updated its Ads Editor with new features, including support for Discovery ad campaigns, searchable errors, and more. 

When you open the Google app on a mobile device, underneath the search bar is a list of links that Google thinks you may find interesting. These links can be to news articles or websites that have information that the user might find helpful. These links are what make up the Discover section that can be used by consumers to find things that interest them.

The Google Ads Editor program was recently updated to include new campaign types and a host of new features. One of the new campaign types was for Discover ads. Advertising in the Discover section makes sense for marketers who are trying to reach potential customers who would find your product or service interesting. 

When people use the Discover section, they check it often to find new links and articles about the things they care about. The part is updated with new, personalized links throughout the day, so people have an incentive to check back often. It’s an excellent place for people who are bored since Google is constantly looking for articles that the user would want to read. 

Marketers who want to try advertising to this demographic can now create Discovery Campaigns with the help of Google Ads Editor version 1.2. The updated tool now has support for supports Google app ad campaigns for engagement and Discovery campaigns. Earlier this year, Google reported that more than 800 million people use the Discover feature, so there’s definitely an audience for these kinds of ads.

Google first announced its plans for Discovery Campaigns ads back in May. The addition of Discovery Campaigns to the Google Ads Editor suggests that these ads will be launched (or a beta trial will be started) in the near future. 

Besides the addition of the new campaign types, Google Ads Editor also received some quality of life improvements that will make it easier for advertisers to create and manage campaigns on Google Ads. For example, there are now searchable errors. This tool allows advertisers to search for specific errors across all campaigns and accounts. This tool will make it much easier to identify mistakes in other ads after the error was noticed in one ad. This tool is perfect for advertisers who use a large number of ad variations. Checking all the variations one by one for a particular error could take a lot of time. Searchable errors make fixing these mistakes quicker and easier. 

Advertisers will also be able to use the Maximize conversion value bidding strategy for Search campaigns. However, Google notes that you can’t use the “target ROAS” field of that strategy, so it should be left blank.

There are a lot of other upgrades that make the latest version of Google Ads Editor more useful for advertisers. Be sure to download the updated editor to see what else has changed.

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