John Mueller of Google has made new suggestions to ensure Google search crawlers understand your website – keep the <head> HTML section “clean.”

If you wonder what this means, you are in the right place. Here we will explore more about his recommendation and how you can keep your website ranking well in Google. For website or business owners who need assistance with this, we offer affordable SEO for small businesses to ensure you get the desired results.  

Mueller shared these words of wisdom via a Reddit thread where a user had asked if HTML code placement could cause problems for SEO (search engine optimization). 

The answer he provided was “yes.” The placement of HTML code may impact SEO adversely if it is not at the top of the page. 

Important Takeaways from Mueller’s Answer 

In the answer on Reddit, John Mueller used the phrase “HTML headers.” However, when discussing the <head> element, it is not usually called that. 

Usually, the term “HTML headers” refers to the <heading> element, which includes H1, H2, H3, etc. Also, Header Elements are specific HTML elements, which are known as <header>. The Head HTML element is a part at the top of the HTML document, including metadata about the specific document. 

In this case, when Mueller referenced “headers” in the Reddit answer, he was referring to the <head> element. 

Mueller’s View on JavaScript in a Head Element 

We believe Mueller intended to tell website owners and managers they need to keep the <head> section of an HTML document uncluttered and tidy with scripts that could be put elsewhere. 

It is important for the <head> element to only include document metadata used by search engines and browsers. This will help the search engines better understand the purpose of a page. It also provides information to search engines and browsers to ensure the webpage is properly rendered (displayed). 

If there is JavaScript code that can go after the <head> element, then it should be put after. 

Once you have moved the JavaScript out of the <head> area, you can use the Search Console’s rendering tool to see if the page renders properly after it is moved. 

When it comes to your main content, Mueller states that the placement is less important; however, the <head> section must be properly organized and clean, so Googlebots understand it. 

Why Does JavaScript Placement Matter in SEO?

When you design a website, you should use the async and defer attributes in a strategic way. This will help provide the best rendering and the highest quality of interactivity at a fast page speed for visitors and users. 

This is because JavaScript may delay how a web page renders when it is loading. In the end, this may hurt the user experience. 

The HTML can be produced first, which lets a user view the content all while the JavaScript is loading in the background with the proper use of the defer and async attributes. 

Taking a Deeper Dive into Heading Tags 

Heading tags are important elements that help improve your website’s user experience while helping with SEO. 

Even if the content on your website is amazing, you will not see great results if you have not used the heading tags properly. Mueller has stated that heading tags are important because they send an important signal about the content on the page. However, we offer affordable SEO for small businesses if you want a better understanding and the proper assistance. 

The Importance of Heading Tags and Which One’s Matter 

When discussing the H1 title, John Mueller stated that the specific page could achieve a better ranking in search engines regardless of the type of tag used. He states that any site can rank well, no matter what type of heading tag is used. 

While this is true, it does not mean that heading tags are not important for rankings. We no longer live in the days where everyone believes tags are essential for rankings but are not required in the modern age. According to information provided by Mueller, heading tags have a crucial role in website rankings; however, they are not absolutely necessary. 

He stated that heading tags work to improve the understanding of the page. It is not only the ranking element that helps determine how your site ranks on Google, but it also provides insight to your audience about what your content or site focuses on. The headings will also suggest what someone will find when they reach the page. 

While this is basic information, it is important, too. A properly used heading tag can provide precise information that’s required from the content. It has also been mentioned that heading tags are important for your overall SEO. Mueller has stated that they may not provide precise information, and users may not be aware of what the image is – with headings, readers can better understand why the image is important. 

One of the biggest benefits of using a heading tag is that it lets search engines know what a website is all about. This is because search engines give much more importance to them before scanning the rest of the text on the page. This is a point that is worth stressing again – heading tags matter and play a role in ranking. 

If you look at Mueller’s statements more carefully, you will understand that the heading tags are not as important as they were in the past. While they need to be included on every page, tags aren’t the only ranking factors that you should focus on. The content the page contains is also important. It is considered by search engines, too. You need to understand that the right heading will provide more information on a section and help ensure search engines and people understand what it is about. 

Mueller has pointed out that the order of the heading tags on a page is not as important as it was in the past. Also, if you have a heading tag with additional labels under it, it will not have relevance. While this is true, it will impact the look of the page. This means that you need to use heading tags to let Google know to rank the page, so the content is read by anyone who visits it. 

Google Confirms the Presence of Heading Tags is a Strong Signal

Heading tags are the structure to support the focus of the content. It can help put several sections on web pages about various topics related to the primary topic. However, if you believe Mueller, there is nothing wrong with using the tags as H2s – this will make it easier for Google bots to know your content. 

Is It Possible to Improve SEO Ranking with the Right Heading Tags?

The Heading 1 you use is important. Not only for SEO but also for content quality. Regardless of the heading you choose to use, it does not matter. What is important is that you use them to Google about a section in your content on your page. The heading tags let Google know what your content is about. Once it has this information, your website is ranked accordingly. 

Heading tags are also important for images. Mueller stated that Google could not extract information from visual pictures. Headings and the context of the page help search engines know what an image is about. He has also mentioned that the text under an image impacts your landing page’s success (or failure). 

Search robots crawl the content of the page individually. This is why having headings is necessary. It ensures the crawlers understand the content on the page. This means that using title tags is imperative. When you do this, and the elements are crawled, the bots can deliver relevant images based on what was requested. 

The takeaway is that there is not much difference between H1 and H2 tags. Instead, what really matters is that the headings need to correspond with the content and text. They should also be used to structure a document logically. 

Why Heading Tags Need to be a Part of Your Page Structure 

Heading tags provide a great way to ensure user interest. From the SEO side of things, you need to keep users engaged as long as you can and on your page. To do this, come up with creative headlines that will grab their attention. If the studies are accurate, most people visiting your site will not read all the content. However, if the text is not optimized and there is no logical structure, the person who landed on the site will likely leave. 

You can use heading tags to organize your content. This will pay off and make it easier for people to find the necessary information. 

Let Us Help with Your Website’s Structure 

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