Get More Consumer Phone Calls with These Paid Search Ad Optimization TipsUsing paid search tools like Google AdWords is extremely popular among businesses of all sizes. Making a list of goals you hope to accomplish with a paid search campaign is a good idea. For most business owners, increasing brand awareness and receiving sales leads are the main priorities they have for their paid search campaigns. In many cases, the sales leads will come in the form of calls from consumers who have recently interacted with a paid search ad.

Studies show that phone leads created with the help of paid search are three times more likely to convert. This stat alone should make you passionate about optimizing your paid search campaigns to receive more phone calls. If you want to accomplish this goal, read the information below.

Track The Calls That Are Made From Landing Pages and Ads

Tracking call data from your paid search ads is a crucial component of marketing success. Knowing which ads and landing pages are producing the most calls can help you figure out how to optimize the rest of your content. There are a number of call tracking programs you can use in conjunction with Google Ads.

If you see that certain ads are not reaching consumers, you need to avoid wasting money on them. Having comprehensive call tracking data is vital when trying to sink money into paid search campaigns that actually produce results. Working with marketing professionals is the best way to make optimizing these campaigns easier. A marketing professional will have all of the tools and knowledge needed to both capture this call data and use it to perfect your paid search strategy.

Give Consumers Information About Who Will Take Their Call

The way you word your paid search ads plays a huge role in how successful they are. If your main goal is to increase the number of phone calls you receive from these ads, then providing readers with information about who will take their call is imperative.

Most people want to speak with an actual human when they contact a new company and not some AI-infused software program. Putting language in your paid search ad that informs readers an actual person is standing by to take their calls is a wise move. By doing this, you should have no problem increasing the number of calls your paid search ads generate.

Catering to Mobile Users is Smart

Nearly 50% of the traffic your paid search ads will receive will be from mobile users. Making sure your paid search ads are optimized for members of the mobile community. As you start to design landing pages to be used in conjunction with your paid search ads, make sure they are easily visible to mobile users. You also need to position the click to call button in the header of the mobile version to make it easier for users to find.

Let’s Take Your Marketing Efforts to the Next Level!

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