Over the past few decades, using search engines has become part of the average person’s daily routine. On average, over 68% of all online activities start on a search engine. Not only do search engines help consumers find information, they can also be a great source of sales leads for business owners. 

If you want to unlock the lead generation power popular search engines like Google have, then you need to educate yourself about certain search engine optimization (SEO) principles. Here are some fundamental SEO principles that can help your marketing campaigns succeed. 

Provide a Great User Experience

Figuring out what search engines like Google look for when crawling a website is important. With this knowledge, you can target areas of your website that need improvements. One of the main things Google will consider about a website is the user experience being provided. Google is passionate about sending users of their search engines to websites that are packed with the information they are looking for. 

This powerful search engine will rank a website after considering user experience related factors like:

  • Page speed
  • Visual elements like photos, infographics and videos
  • Easy-to-use navigational elements

The only way to see how well these parts of your website are performing is by testing them. If you find that your website is loading slowly or that your current navigational elements are cumbersome to use, then you have to make some changes. By improving these parts of your website, you can provide a better experience to the people that visit it. A better user experience will also help you rise up the search engine ladder. 

Optimized Meta Descriptions

A basic yet extremely important SEO principle you need to know about is meta description optimization. When your website shows up on a search engine results page, people will rely on the meta description to figure out if the content on your domain is what they need. Ideally, you want to use your meta description to provide potential customers with information about the page in question. 

You have 150 to 160 characters to use for this description. The search engine will cut off anything over 160 characters. Using your target keyword in this meta description is vital when trying to attract attention from search engines. 

Publishing Valuable Content is Powerful

Before buying a particular product/service, the average consumer will do tons of research. This research usually includes reading blogs, social media posts and infographics. Driving traffic to your website from powerful search engines like Google will be much easier if you have a large selection of great content. Regularly publishing new content will help you educate your audience and position yourself as a leader in your chosen industry. 

Many business owners don’t have the time or know-how needed to create engaging content for their websites. This is why most entrepreneurs prefer to hand this job over to experience marketing agencies. 

Being consistent is the key to search engine optimization success. You also need the help of an experienced agency like Small Business SEO to accomplish your marketing goals.