Facebook Marketing Mistakes That Can Drive Potential Customers AwayFinding new customers is what motivates most business owners to develop a presence on Facebook. A recent study found that over 52% of online consumers found new businesses with the help of Facebook Marketing in the past year. There are millions of businesses currently trying to attract sales leads on this popular social media platform. 

If you want to stay competitive in the world of Facebook, you need to constantly optimize your approach to attracting new sales leads. The following information is about common Facebook marketing mistakes and why you need to stop making them if you want to have success in this online medium. 

Posting Only Promotional Content is a Bad Idea

The biggest mistake most business owners make when trying to engage with consumers on Facebook is only posting promotional content. The average Facebook user wants to be entertained and informed by the content they consume. If all of your posts involve selling products/services to your followers, they will eventually hit the unfollow button. 

Only posting promotional content is a turn-off to most Facebook users, which is why you need to bring some variety to the type of content you post. Ideally, you want to use the 80/20 rule when developing new posts. This rule states that 80% of your posts should be designed to inform and entertain your audience and only 20% of posts should be promotional. Sticking to this rule can help you keep your followers engaged and interested in what your business has to offer. 

A Bare-Bones Facebook Business Profile

The first impression a Facebook user develops of your business will generally come from your profile. Some business owners make the mistake of ignoring the need for a detailed Facebook profile. If a person is unable to figure out what your business does from this profile, they will probably avoid engaging with your brand. Instead of providing Facebook users with a bare-bones profile, you need to make this digital asset as detailed as possible. 

The more information you can provide potential customers about your business on Facebook, the easier it will be to improve your conversion rates. You also need to work on optimizing your profile picture with branding and other useful information. If you are unsure about how to optimize your Facebook business profile cover image, check out this post on how to accomplish this task. 

Grammar Mistakes in Your Posts 

The key to Facebook marketing success is developing new posts that are entertaining and informative on a daily basis. As you start to develop new posts, you need to be careful about publishing them before proofreading. Posting content that is filled with grammatical errors can make your business look unprofessional. Working with the marketing professionals at Small Business SEO is a great way to get the error-free posts you need to attract a wider audience. 

By avoiding the mistakes mentioned in this article, you can take your Facebook marketing efforts to the next level.