An optimized website can help you garner lots of attention from both search engines and modern consumers. While an appealing web design is a key component of your small business SEO success, you also need content that is equally appealing. Using the right mix of written and video content on your website will help you improve organic website traffic. 

Over 70 percent of all website traffic is directed through Google. Implementing popular keywords and links into your content is a good way to get on the first page of Google. Once you start to see an uptick in website traffic, you need to shift your focus to turning visitors into actual customers. 

Here are some ways that you can use content to turn website visitors into paying customers. 

Product Demo Videos Are Extremely Popular

If you run a business that sells products to consumers online, you need to use the right content. Bridging the gap between eCommerce and brick-and-mortar stores can be more challenging than you might realize. Online shoppers are unable to put their hands on your products before purchasing them, which is why providing them with product demo videos is a good idea. 

These videos should provide website visitors with in-depth details about the product in question and the benefits it provides. By producing this type of content, you can convince website visitors that your products are legitimate. 

Studies show that quality video content can improve conversion rates by up to 85 percent. Video content also gets shared more than written content, which is all the more reason to incorporate it into your small business SEO strategy. 

Offer High-Value Content For Free

When a person lands on your website, chances are they’ve performed a search on Google about the products/services you offer. If a person is truly interested in what you do, they will want access to tons of information about your industry. Capitalizing on a person’s interest in your industry is easy if you over high-value content for free. 

Detailed reports and e-books are types of content that you can provide to website visitors. If you want something in exchange for this content, then asking website visitors for their contact details is a wise move. This contact information can be used to power your email or SMS marketing campaigns in the future. 

User-Generated Content Can Act As Social Proof

Before buying your products/services, a website visitor will want to know more about the experiences of your current and past customers. This is why most modern consumers seek out online reviews when trying to vet a business before using them. If you want to provide website visitors with substantial social proof, then posting user-generated content is important. 

This content usually comes in the form of written or video reviews. If a customer has a good experience with your company, they will have no problem submitting this type of user-generated content. 

When used correctly, content can help you boost conversion rates.