Effective Ways to Begin Building a Better Social Media Presence TodayIf you run a business or are in charge of promoting a brand, there’s virtually no chance that you aren’t on social media in some capacity. While this is true, the number of brands that have a thriving and active social media presence are still low. There are many who are still just sort of present.

Here’s a quick reality check – you can’t expect very much from a social post if you share random links or @mention a few people and then call it a day (or week, for that matter).

What you need is structure. This structure is created with a solid, well-thought-out social media strategy. The question is, how to create this strategy and how can you be confident it will work? This is especially concerning if you have a limited marketing budget.

Don’t worry. Here you can find a few effective tips to use to improve your social media presence and strategy starting today.

Use the SMART Method for Setting Goals

Consider why you are on social media today? The obvious answer is because everyone else is; however, if this is your answer, you have already found your biggest problem.

The idea of SMART goals is one that has been around for many decades; however, it is still important and applicable to your social media presence. Put simply, you need to create goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

When you give your social media efforts a specific purpose, you can avoid the trap of aimless posts that never result in any real traction.

Get to Know Your Audience

Once you have outlined the goals you have for social media, you should figure out who your target audience is.

Here’s a helpful pro-tip – no, not everyone is your audience.

Your audience may be potential customers or industry influencers and players. In either case, it’s best to break down your audience to help you figure out each of the crucial things here:

  • What social sites to build a presence on
  • How often to post on the social channels you chose
  • The type of content you publish
  • The voice of your brand
  • What information to include in your profile

There are some brands that are simply spinning their wheels because they aren’t creating or posting content that speaks to their audience. A better strategy is to spend time looking at your target audience personas. Get to know their challenges and what brands they are already following and love via social media. This type of competitive research and analysis can help you understand how to make your own social media presence stand out from the competition.

Are Your Social Media Efforts Getting the Desired Results?

If you answered “no” or that you “don’t know” to this question, then it is time to take control and make some changes to what you are doing. If you need help with this, be sure to contact us. Our team can help ensure your social strategy gets the results you want and deserve.