It’s a question that lots of business leaders ask each other – how do you supercharge marketing for your small business? How do you get more visibility and interest from web readership, and how do you get audiences really engaged and wanting to know more about your business?

Here are some excellent ways to get some juice into your marketing campaigns and make sure your business is well represented on the web.

Do the Busy Work

Things, like registering on Google Places and doing keyword analysis, can seem like drudgery. Doing directory work and bookmarking and other types of technical advertising work can seem mind-numbing. But these little “busy work” tasks are a core part of how you advertise yourself on the web.

Yes, you need a great site, but you also need to be indexed and configured correctly to capture the biggest amount of traffic and make the best impression on customers.

Relevant Content

In today’s online marketing world, there’s no substitute for good, natural, high-quality web content. Whether it’s blog posts, articles or white papers, these pieces of collateral are going to be a big part of your brand strategy. Make sure you have these items going up on the web according to a well-scheduled routine, and that they look good and engage readers.

Responsive Design

What about a mobile-friendly sales strategy?

With so many people using smartphones for purchases, mobile commerce is becoming vital. A mobile-friendly website does more than help with purchases – it helps potential customers to do that research that leads to conversion.

Make sure that you have a plan for migrating the key parts of a website to a mobile-first platform, to make sure you get the traffic that you need.

Consider a Visual Strategy

You’ve heard that lots of people are visual learners – but how many companies apply this to their online marketing?

Many of us get text fatigue on the web. Dense paragraphs make us shudder. Clustered menus confuse us.

How about replacing some of that with attractive visuals that really bring the reader’s eye to the page? Exploring the visual strategy can help you fine-tune the ways that you’re reaching out to customers on the web.

Want all of this in a handy package? SEO Small Business offers easy, affordable marketing packages that combine the content, social media, indexing and visual sides of your web footprint – we do a lot of the legwork for you and get all of these best practices into your marketing strategy. Call and ask about how easy signing up for one of our packages can be.