boost SEOAre you switching your website to a new platform or design? Don’t lose sight of your SEO in the process. It’s like moving to a new home. You’ve got to make sure you don’t leave anything valuable behind.

Plus, you want to make your new “home” easy to find and inviting for your visitors. This is why you need to boost SEO after a website migration. You need professional assistance to accomplish this goal. This is where the Small Business SEO team comes in.

Here are some steps we’ll take to improve your SEO after a website migration.

Verifying Your New Domain in Google Search Console

Verifying your new website on Google Search Console is like the roll call in your school. You say “present!” when your name is called to let the teacher know you’re there. Just like that, we need to let Google know that your new website is here and ready. It’s our way of saying, “Hey Google, our new site is here! Don’t forget about us.”

To do this, we need to verify the new domain. It’s a simple step but super important. It’s like when you move, and you must tell the post office your new address. That way, Google can find your site, track how it’s doing, and give us reports. This helps us ensure your new website performs well and reaches as many people as possible.

Submitting an XML Sitemap

After verifying your domain, the next step is to submit an XML sitemap. Think of this sitemap as a map that guides Google to your site’s important pages. It’s a little like giving clear directions to a friend visiting your new house for the first time.

Here’s how it helps boost SEO:

  • Easy Navigation: The sitemap makes it easy for Google to find and index every key page on your site, just like a map helps your friend find your house and each room inside.
  • Speeds up Indexing: A sitemap helps Google quickly understand any changes or new pages on your site, like if you added a game room to your house.
  • Prioritizes Pages: By including priority information in your sitemap, you can tell Google which pages are most important, like pointing out the bathroom and kitchen to a friend in your new house.

With these steps, we ensure that Google knows about all the valuable pages on your new site, helping to boost your SEO significantly.

Checking 301 Redirects

Let’s talk about 301 redirects. Think of them as the moving trucks for your website content. They transport your visitors from the old pages to the new ones, just like a moving truck transports your stuff from your old house to the new one. We must ensure all your stuff gets to the right room in your new home, right?

So, we double-check that we set up all the 301 redirects correctly. This ensures that when someone clicks an old link, they will still end up on your shiny new site, not a dead end.

Doing this helps preserve link equity and improves user experience on your site. Both are essential elements for better SEO.

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Audit Internal Links

Next up on our SEO-boosting journey is auditing internal links. Think of them as the hallways and doors in your new house. They need to guide people to the right rooms. In the same vein, internal links guide your visitors to other pages on your site.

But here’s the catch. After a site migration, these links can sometimes point to the wrong place – like opening a door and finding a brick wall instead of your kitchen.

So, we’ll check every link to ensure they lead to the correct pages. We’ll fix any broken or outdated links. This way, your visitors have a smooth journey through your website, and Google can easily crawl and index your content.

Testing Page Load Speed

After moving, you want things to run smoothly. The same goes for your website. We’ve got to check how fast your new site loads. It’s like checking whether the water in your new house runs fast or slow.

A slow-loading site would be like a tap that takes forever to fill a glass of water – who will wait around for that? Not your website visitors, that’s for sure.

Here’s why page load speed is a big deal, especially after a site migration:

  • User Experience: People will leave if your site takes forever to load. It’s as simple as that. But if your page loads fast, visitors will stick around and explore. A happy visitor is a potential customer!
  • SEO Ranking: Fast loading speed can help your site rank higher in Google. Just like in a race, quick ones get to the top!
  • Increased Traffic: More people will want to visit if your site loads quickly. It’s like a party – more people will want to join if it’s fun and lively.

We’ll run tests to make sure your site loads in a snap. If it doesn’t, no worries – that’s why we’re here. We’ll tweak and tune until your site is as speedy as a race car. Boosting SEO starts with a fast-loading site, and we’re here to make it happen.

Optimizing Meta Tags

Think of meta tags as the shiny, eye-catching sign above your new house. It announces to everyone – including Google – what your site is all about in a clear, catchy way. That’s why we need to give them a good polish!

Improving Your Meta Titles

First, we’ll roll up our sleeves and work on your meta titles. These are like the names of different rooms in your house. They tell Google and your visitors what each page is about. We’ll ensure these titles are crispy and enticing, drawing people in like a freshly baked apple pie on the windowsill.

Creating Compelling Meta Descriptions

Next up, we’ll tackle your meta descriptions. Imagine these as the little signs you put on each room, describing what’s inside. They give a brief summary of what each page offers. We’ll ensure these descriptions are clear and compelling, making people want to click and explore further.

Other On-Page SEO Elements We’ll Optimize

But the work doesn’t stop there. We’ll also take care of other on-page SEO elements. This includes things like headers and image alt texts. It’s like ensuring your new house looks good and functions well for everyone who visits.

Together, we’ll make your new website easy to find and irresistible to your visitors and Google. Ready to boost the SEO of your new website? Our team is standing by to help!

Running an SEO Audit

Let’s be honest: After moving your website from the old place to the new one, there might be some hiccups. Just like when you move houses, you might find a leaky faucet or a squeaky door in your new place. So, we run an SEO audit to find any bugs or issues. It’s like hiring a home inspector for your website.

Here’s what we might uncover:

  • 404 Errors: Also known as “page not found” errors. Just like opening a door in your new house and finding…nothing! Oops, that’s a problem. We need to fix these, so your visitors don’t get lost.
  • Duplicate Content: This is when the same content appears on two different pages. It’s like having two identical bedrooms in your new house. It confuses Google and your visitors. We’ll find them and sort them out.
  • Broken External Links: Links that point to other websites but don’t work anymore. It’s like giving your friend a map to a cool new store, but it’s closed. Not cool!

By running an SEO audit, we’ll find and fix these problems before any damage is done.

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Refreshing Old Content

Imagine that you moved to a new house and brought along your old furniture. Some of it may still look great, but a few pieces might need a fresh coat of paint or new upholstery. Similarly, some of the content from your old site might need a little updating to look fresh and current on your new website.

We’re not just talking about making things look pretty. Updating your old content is like giving it a new life. It can help in several ways:

  • Relevance: Just like trends in fashion change over time, so does information. We’ll make sure your content is up-to-date, accurate, and relevant to today’s users.
  • Engagement: Fresh content keeps your visitors interested. It’s like getting a new toy – it’s exciting and fun to explore.
  • SEO: Updating old content is a big deal for SEO. We’ll optimize it with relevant keywords and information that Google loves. It’s like creating a new, shiny house number that everyone (including Google) can find.

So, we’ll go through your content, page by page, line by line, like a detailed house inspection. We’ll find what needs updating or improving.

It’s Time To Boost SEO After a Website Migration!

Looking for ways to boost SEO after a website migration? Put our experienced team to work. With our help, you can drive traffic to your new website and generate high-quality leads.