Improving your SEO rankings can be simple, however, it takes time, understanding and patience.  Here are some easy ways to improve your SEO rankings without breaking the bank.

  1. Create a blog about your business and blog your butt off. 
    Talk about things completely different then everyone else.  Point out things no one else is and most importantly have fun.  A blog a week goes a long way.  Don’t forget to give yourself credit and add a back link to your website.
  2. Join social networks and forums related to your business.
    Modern day networking is easy, you can reach thousands of people in related industries in seconds.  Remember to share your website URL every time you post so you can help boost your rankings.
  3. Buy a keyword rich domain or an older domain
    Search engines love old website and love keyword rich domains, this will help move your rankings higher.
  4. Submit a Press Release
    Press release’s are great, they are an easy way to get quality back links and more importantly exposure and branding.  You can write them yourself with a little practice.  Make sure the press release is relevant and make sure to include a back link to your website.
  5. Optimize your content
    Only target a few related keywords per page, remove clutter, make sure the site validates and make sure it’s easy to read and use.  Very simple and will make a huge difference.

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