Exposing your business to a wider audience is achievable if you find out how to use the online landscape to your advantage. Having a website is imperative for any business trying to attract modern consumers. The website you have in place has to be in pristine shape if you want to create a competitive edge. Over 40% of online consumers claim they will stop engaging with a website if it has a bad design or is slow to load.

Optimizing your website’s content and functionality is only possible when hiring seasoned professionals. Failing to catch and fix common website blunders can result in a lot of sales leads being squandered. Here are some website mistakes you should avoid when trying to maintain a consistent flow of leads.

3 Website Mistakes That Can Cost You Leads1. Poorly Written and Unoptimized Content

Creating a great impression on a new website visitor is important. Modern consumers have tons of options when it comes to where they can shop online. When trying to reel in potential leads and turn them into actual customers, you need to focus on creating great website content. If a person reads your content and finds errors or a lack of engagement, they may leave quickly without buying anything.

Conducting a website audit is crucial when trying to pinpoint where content issues exist. If you feel like you are not equipped with the tools or experience needed to find and fix website content issues, hiring professionals to do this work for you is wise. A content marketing company will have no problem optimizing the blogs and website content on your domain in a timely manner.

2. Loading Issues Can Spell Disaster

One of the main things a person pays attention to when visiting a new website is how fast it loads. Most consumers expect a website to load in as little as two seconds. If your website has slow loading issues, you need to handle them immediately. Investing money in marketing campaigns will be wasted if your website isn’t functioning properly. A poorly built and maintained website will be unable to handle a sudden influx of traffic.

Instead of trying to pinpoint the cause of slow loading speeds on your own, you need to reach out to a reputable developer. These professionals will check everything from your website’s code to the size of the image files you have uploaded in an attempt to fix your loading issues.

3. Lack of Social Proof

Finding a trustworthy business to work with is something most consumers work hard to achieve. When vetting your business, a consumer will want to see positive online reviews and other types of social proof. Making this social proof easily accessible can increase the number of sales leads you generate. Putting positive reviews on the homepage of your website is crucial when trying to show visitors how trustworthy you are.

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