Though it doesn’t make as many headlines as Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is still around and remains a useful tool for marketers targeting a particular demographic. Pinterest has been famous for great imagery, but they have been branching into videos more and more. Last week, Pinterest announced a new suite of video creation tools and other features to make the platform more appealing to video marketers.

Like other platforms with user-generated content, Pinterest has seen an increased demand for videos. According to Pinterest, the demand for inspirational videos has increased by 31% in the last year. To tap into this trend, Pinterest is introducing tools that should encourage more creators to make video content, as well as make it easier for users to find the newest videos.

In a post announcing the new features, Pinterest wrote, “Today, we’re introducing new video features for creators and businesses to reach their audiences including an improved uploader, video tab, lifetime analytics, and Pin scheduling.”

Marketers on Pinterest will see an updated video uploader. The company says this will enable businesses and creators to seamlessly upload video directly to Pinterest and access the latest metrics. They’ve also made it possible for brands to schedule videos to go out a specific time.

While most of the updates are for creators, the company has also added something to encourage more visitors to look at video content from the brands they like. A new video tab on business profiles makes it possible for brands to feature all of their videos in one place to make discovery simpler.

Pinterest is also providing marketers with better tools to measure the performance of their video content. They’re introducing new video analytics for businesses to view lifetime views. These analytics are helpful because of the evergreen nature of videos on the platform. On Pinterest, videos surface and resurface over time and don’t disappear from a feed.

One of the people who first used the new tools gave them a glowing review. Larry Fitzgibbon, the CEO & Founder of Tastemade, wrote, “As early adopters to video on Pinterest, Tastemade has successfully driven over 1 billion video views and 200 million engagements YTD, while growing our following 100% YoY. It’s clear that Pinterest users are hungry for videos that are both entertaining and actionable. We are excited about the platform’s new video capabilities as we continue to inspire the taste of new audiences across the globe.”

Businesses can take advantage of the growth in video on Pinterest by creating content that will engage their target audience in a new way. The company noted that, besides inspiration videos, consumers were also looking for how-to videos, tutorials, and interesting brand stories. Using the latest tools from Pinterest makes it easier for marketers to make these new kinds of engaging content.

If you need some help thinking of ideas for videos to make on social media, here are some trends to consider. According to media reports, trending video searches on the platform currently include: Overnight oats videos (up 3712%); Lasagna recipe videos (up 3462%); Makeup tutorial videos (up 2063%); Hair dye videos (up 276%); Curling hair with flat iron videos (up 129%). There is a lot of room for creativity when it comes to thinking of ideas for video on Pinterest.

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